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Night Shift with Baby

Tabitha Helms

The only thing everyone tells you is that you can kiss sleep good-bye when you have a baby. "Are you getting any sleep?" Is the first question we get after their comments about how cute Judah is and how much he looks like Reagan. But what does that mean exactly? What is a night shift like? Here's a peek at last night with Baby Helms! 

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Self-Soothe Training

Tabitha Helms

Judah is a wonderful baby. He's not colicky, his cry isn't very loud, and he has an active, inquisitive mind. From day 1, he's slept in three hour increments through the night--waking up to eat after each. This is great for a newborn!

The only thing that's been challenging during those night shifts is the 3 or 4am shift when he decides he wants to have Awake Time after eating and won't go back to sleep for another hour or two. Several people and sites had said how important it was to put them down drowsy, but Judah would cry and not sleep at all if we did that.

At 4:30am on Sunday morning, I hit the wall when he was wide awake and fussing every time I tried to put him down. I decided that was the moment we were going to start teaching him to self-soothe. 

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