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Packing Your Hospital Bag

Tabitha Helms

Packing my hospital was the last thing I waited to do while preparing for Judah. I kept procrastinating because it was a big job, and I was really tired after work toward the end of my pregnancy. It was the thing we kept saying "Uh, we should probably pack the hospital bag soon..." as we thought about how close we were to having our son.

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Thank You Nurse Bags

Tabitha Helms

I read several Pinterest pins about providing the nurses with something to thank them for their help during labor and delivery. I always believe in thanking people when they do a good job, especially when their job could often involve many long hours and not enough thanks. I put together some goodie bags for our nurses after asking on our hospital tour how many nurses would be assigned to help during delivery. I got some insight from a dear friend of mine who is a labor and delivery nurse herself what she would appreciate receiving. 

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