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Fall in Southern California

Tabitha Helms

Fall in California {}

I hear it every year, “you all don’t have seasons!” exclaim the people that did not grow up here. Yeah, yeah, I get it. All our leaves don’t change colors. We have green palm trees waving in the breezes year-round. So what? Some of our trees change. We have oodles of pumpkins and apples, and I can get my house smelling like cinnamon and clove in 2.5 seconds. And we’re not drenched in rain for months. Have you tried going somewhere in the rain with two children under two and not arriving drenched? I still shudder from the memory last year. Life is tough in sunny CA, but I’m not complaining. ;)

Volcan Valley Farm ~ Julian, CA {}

This year we decided Judah was old enough to make a trip to Julian to pick some apples. I have pleasant memories of field trips to Julian in elementary school and have been dying to take my little fam. We went first thing in the morning before it got busy and had rows of apple trees to wander through with our little bags.

Apple Picking-7.jpg

The Jonathan apples were crisp and tart and made a lovely apple pie—compliments of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I think mine tasted better than the one we brought home from the Julian Apple Pie Co. (Shhh!) I also enjoyed dipping them in my Clean Eating “Caramel” Apple Dip made with dates, almond butter, honey, coconut oil, vanilla, and sea salt.

Apple Picking in Julian, CA {}

We also hit up one of the old mines and took a tour. The boys did really well depsite tagging along with a big group of kids on a field trip! They didn’t even cry when the guide turned out all the lights and let us be in complete darkness. Judah just got a little concerned when the guide mentioned there was a dragon in one of the holes because we had specifically told Judah there weren’t any before going in. Haha! Judah was glad to have Uncle Bubb, and Mommy, and Daddy close by, and he loved getting to ring the bell.

Eagle Mining Co. Julian, CA {}

Overall, it was a great morning, and fun way to kick off our “fall” season here in sunny California! I’m looking forward to painting pumpkins with the boys, putting together our family, Halloween costume, going to the pumpkin patch, and making more pumpkin treats! What do you like to do in California to celebrate fall?