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Judah's Music Themed Party

Tabitha Helms

Well, it hasn't quite been a whole year that's passed since updating my blog. That's progress right? (Insert laughing/crying emoji here.) In all seriousness, life with two kids, 16 months apart has been very FULL. It drives me a little nuts when the only thing people at the store have to say to me is "wow you've got your hands full." Like I hadn't noticed. *eye roll* My 9 month old is currently in the middle of a 3 hour nap because he only napped for 20 minutes on our way to the dentist for his first nap and my 2 year old is currently talking up a storm and continually getting out of bed for his nap time today. Apparently he's skipping his one nap of the day. This is real life people.

Okay, there's so much to update you on, but I told myself I was going to pick a topic and stick to it otherwise we'll be here forever. So without further ado, here's a peak at Judah's 2nd birthday party last month! He and his friends had such a good time!

Theme: Music
Location: Daddy's office (Daddy works in a cool spot, huh?)
Time: Afternoon (we opted for a post-nap party, though we found it was really hard to invite friends at this age to a party because everyone's on different nap schedules still!) 
Special Guest: Musician Mary Rice Hopkins and Puppeteer Darcie Maze


The Little Cookie Company  

The Little Cookie Company 

Due to the fact that we were at a nice office space, not our own home or outside and there was carpet and toddlers, we opted for cookies instead of cake or cupcakes. It was a brilliant decision on my part, and these came out so cute too!

Judah's current favorite book is "Go Dog Go" - a very random book about prepositions!

Judah's current favorite book is "Go Dog Go" - a very random book about prepositions!

Guests signed his favorite book when they came in so we could remember who came. I think I want to do this tradition for our boys each birthday. 

Music Themed 2nd Birthday Party {}
Music Themed 2nd Birthday Party {}

The instrument playing station was a highlight for the kids of all ages! I almost bought a group drum because Judah LOVES it at music class, but I decided against the extra noise. Haha. 

Music Themed 2nd Birthday Party {}

I printed out musical coloring sheets and cut out pasteboard guitars. I purchased hexagonal crayons that wouldn't roll. I was a little unsure if they'd break easily, but none of them did! 

Music Themed 2nd Birthday Party {}

To eat we had Costco brown rice rolls, pb&j and turkey&cheese sandwiches cut out with star cookie cutters, fruit and veggies, and quinoa sweet potato bites. I decorated the table with a pasteboard of Judah's favorite things I got off Etsy. (Side note, Staples couldn't print it big like that for me for some reason. They said the file was corrupt. But when I sent it to Walgreens, they did it just fine.) 

Here's a look at all the fun we had!