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Tabitha Helms

Is there anything better than nesting when you're pregnant? I don't know about you, but I feel so productive during this stage. All the projects and plans and things that have been put off start getting checked off the list one by one. I'm a fan. Especially because you know absolutely nothing is going to be getting done the first few months of life with a new baby, lol. 


I've done the normal things like setting up the bedroom and washing baby clothes. I worked my tail off packing each of us an overnight hospital bag as well as a labor bag with things like Affirmation Cards, Nurse Thank You Bags, labor snacks, birth plan, Bluetooth Speakers, a robe and grip socks, and notes from our classes. An emergency car delivery bag still needs to be thrown together since this is Baby #2, and everyone knows they come faster. (Though we are definitely praying we make it to the hospital on time!) Judah's bag was probably the hardest to pack; he has things that we don't have doubles of that I typically pack last minute, so I had to get some doubles like another white noise machine, another toothbrush and toothpaste, and some extra shoes. Because the last thing I want to be doing is grabbing things last minute when my parents come to pick him up while I'm in labor. 


Probably the proudest nesting project I've completed is Freezer Meals. I found a gold mine of a list of Thirty Whole 30 meals from New Leaf Wellness. It comes in a free download with a shopping list, calendar, recipes, and bag labels. I was trying to figure out the best way to accomplish the task of making 30 meals meant for the month of October using a previous month's grocery budget, and I've been quite pleased with what I came up with.

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Since we only have two adults and one, small child eating these dinners, the amount of food that one meal makes is enough for two dinners for our family. So I decided to split each recipe into two bags--one to eat in the current month, and one to save for October. Because we don't need a new dinner every night if one of us has other things going on, or if we are eating out with friends, going on a date, or having leftovers, I decided to only make half the recipes at a time. This also helped me to still have grocery budget left for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. So in August, I made 13 recipes in 26 bags. It is now the first week of September, and we have one meal left that was prepped in August, and 12 stocked in the freezer for October. This week I shopped for the ingredients needed for the remaining recipes. Last night I got half of them finished so we have half our meals for September and more for October. I hope to finish the rest this week. 

I meant to do freezer meals with Judah, but it just never got done between working full time and not having enough freezer space. This time around, we have a lovely extra freezer in the garage from my in-laws, and I'm only working part time so I've been able to make it work. 

Still left to tackle: sterilizing breast pump, bottles, and pacifiers, packing my emergency delivery bag, and doing exercises from Spinning Babies to get this kid in the right position (no breech delivery for me this time!). 

I'm starting to get antsy for Baby #2 to come. We just got through another bad heat wave...100 degrees in Vista...and I've been feeling more and more Braxton Hicks with each passing day in addition to lots of pressure as Baby gets heavier and lower. We all have a feeling he'll come early, though I do hope he'll wait till after all my work meetings I have scheduled the first week of October! 

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