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Tabs' Blog

First Mother's Day

Tabitha Helms

Last year, I was pregnant with Judah and we celebrated Mother's Day; I already was a mom! I got lots of lovely flowers and hubby gifted me a prenatal massage--#winning. But this year really felt like my first Mother's Day, because this time I now knew what it was like to be a mom. I now know this sweet little boy inside and out.

I know the intensity of laboring for hours and the scare of the unexpected happening during birth. 
I know how hard those first few months were when the hormones and sleep deprivation made me crazy.
I know how observant he is about his surroundings.
I know that he tried all his milestones early and then reverted back to the way he was before for a few weeks before doing it again.
I know how much he loves his pacifier and how that and swaddling have kept us sane.
I know the Cry It Out method only made him more worked up and awake.
I know I had to wait 10 months for him to sleep through the night on his own.
I know how he loves to laugh at the dogs playing and join in by trying to give them a ball.
I know how he thinks it's fun to be held up high in his daddy's arms, but clings tightly and gets scared at the going back down part. 
I know how difficult it was for me to take the year off teaching to fully take on the job of "mommy."
I know how he likes to snuggle only when he's tired enough to slow down.
I know how his first word was Momma.
I know that he has my dimples.
I know that he loves naked time.
I know that when he points his finger at me, he wants to be picked up and held. 
I know how he loves playing instruments.
I know how much he enjoys eating solid food. 
I know how he hates being in the car and gives me a headache with the amount of yelling that ensues. 
And I know that I'll keep loving him more and more as he grows up. 

First Mother's Day {}