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Tabs' Blog

Week 14 - Baby Helms 2.0

Tabitha Helms

I'm out of first trimester! {Insert "Hallelujah Chorus" here.} It wasn't too bad. I felt much calmer and less anxious this time around. I got nauseous almost every night the 2nd month and off and on the 3rd month. But it was usually close enough to bedtime that I could just go to bed early and sleep it off. Ginger and Peppermint Essential Oil were my friends. Big time. 

Around 12 weeks, it started getting a little harder to hide my belly, and by 13 weeks, I was really glad we were finally going to be able to spill the beans. Luckily I've had some practice at hiding that bump the first time around, and thankfully I didn't start showing earlier like I expected to. But here's the bump, Ladies and Gents! I'm so happy I don't have to choose my wardrobe based on what will hide my stomach the best. Now it's time to flaunt! ;) 

Baby Helms 2.0 {}

The most tiring part of first trimester was moving. You can read about our new home here.  When we found out we were pregnant, the "we should probably get a bigger house soon" idea that had been tossed back and forth previously became a little more urgent. We knew we didn't want to compete with the other house hunters in the summertime, so we wanted to find something quick. God provided and we are settled into our new rental. It's an absolute dream and will be perfect for the four of us. But packing, moving, chaos, chasing a kid around, and first trimester didn't mix too well. I'm glad it's done!

My due date got switched around multiple times. First, Oct. 7th, then Oct. 20th, and we have finally settled on Oct. 14th based on baby's size. In four more weeks we'll get to find out if it's a boy or girl. Don't worry, we'll share that news with you when we get it. But be warned, we've picked a name for either and we're keeping quiet about that until he/she arrives. 

Baby Helms 2.0 {}