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Tabs' Blog

We're Moving!

Tabitha Helms

At nine months old, Judah is now quite mobile. He crawls away mid-diaper change faster than I can say "Stay put!" I find myself grabbing a half naked baby with one hand while trying to stuff a diaper insert into the cover with the other. It's been an adventure to say the least! He can also pull himself up to stand and his record, no-help stand is currently 7 seconds long. He cruises around the house, walking by helping himself along on any object he can get a hand on--chairs, pillows, dogs, guitar cases, etc.

Moving Day!

With this new feat, our sweet, little first home now feels a great emphasis on the word "little." Judah doesn't currently have his own room, which has made things a little difficult when Reagan's out past Judah's bedtime and needs to somehow get into the house without waking a sleeping baby whose Pack n Play happens to be right next to the front door. Keeping the dogs quiet after those hours has been a challenge as well. It's been doable. We've made it work like so many people do when a baby enters their lives and flexibility must reign supreme. We've stayed in this small triplex as long as we could because our landlord is amazing and we've been able to save a lot with an excellent rent price that is unheard of in San Diego County. But we decided it was time to move on before summer hit and the competition for good housing was high. 

Moving Day!

We sat down and did our budget to figure out what we could afford, and spent a couple weeks searching Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, and other sites. We got our friends and families to start praying, and emailed out inquiries to several places. After weeding out the fakes, we viewed three places and settled on one. The landlord had been flexible to let us come check it out the day before his open house since we already had plans out of town. We worked on our application that night and submitted it, while praying that God would make it work if that's the home we were meant to have. On our drive home from Temecula the next day, we got a reply back from the landlord. He sent it before his open house hours were completely over, and the way he started it made us think we had been declined. But to our surprise and delight, he had accepted our application! I cried happy tears and we spent the weekend talking about washing machines and refrigerators and discussing ways we could make sure our dogs didn't bark at the dog in the unit behind us. 

The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind. I have discovered that I much prefer unpacking to packing. Unpacking puts everything into a proper place. Packing makes me feel like I'm not doing it right--even distribution of weight, fitting as much as possible into one box so we don't have to keep buying boxes, keeping things organized so it's not belongings from different rooms in one box. I also have to decide what items I can live without for two weeks when we pack them in advance. So here's what's actually been happening. Reagan has been packing up the library every night. He's done a great job. I helped take down pictures from the walls and filled all the holes. I bought Magic Erasers so I could clean the walls that I have discovered are ridiculously dirty, (who would've known if I hadn't taken down those frames?) ;) I have also cleaned out my craft and fabric boxes so I could consolidate items, packed my seasonal decor, and bought tape, trash bags, and sticker labels (that it doesn't seem we're going to be able to use, thanks for the idea anyway Pinterest, now I have to find my receipt and return them.) Today I changed our address on a bunch of our web accounts and packed up a few boxes of books. So in summary, Reagan's been packing. I've been doing this and that while taking care of a baby. 

Moving Day!

But now onto the good stuff! Our new home is on a quiet, cul-de-sac, one city over from where we are now, so we'll still be near all our favorite spots. Our house is tucked back away from the street, so you can't see into our yard without coming down the driveway a little ways. We have a garage that's too small for a car but has lots of shelving and rafters for storage and WASHER DRYER HOOK UPS (Praise Jesus!). We have two bedrooms and two bathrooms! Judah will have a bedroom! Yaaaaaaaay! No more moving the Pack N Play back and forth at night and sneaking around while he's sleeping. Our bedroom leads out onto a nice patio. I get COUNTER SPACE in my kitchen! And a DISHWASHER so now Reagan will do dishes all the time. Whoooooohoooooo! We also have a separate dining room area (no more dining table in the living room!) and a nice, living room. I'm so very happy. It will be a great fit for us.

Moving day is April 1st and I'm hoping to have everything in its place by the time Easter weekend comes when I get to host our families for the holiday. I've never gotten to do that before, and I'm so excited! Moving day will be very bittersweet. All the memories we have with our place when we started dating and it was just Reagan's bachelor pad, moving my things in and transforming it into a home when we got married, and laboring there before heading to the hospital so we could bring home our son. Unit A has been good to us; we've had good neighbors, and the best landlord a person could ask for. But it's time for a new chapter of life as a family of 3. Here's to new beginnings! 

Moving Day!