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Tabs' Blog

First Ultrasound

Tabitha Helms

Here we go again! Baby number 2 is on the way, and we're soooo excited and eager to see what this family of 4 thing is going to be like. Judah has become more of a little boy and less of a baby and we're totally ready to have a little one again. God's timing is perfect. Always. 

Today, I had my first ultrasound, and it was such a sweet memory, I don't want to forget it. Judah came with us, and Dr. Cap sat me down and said he had one request for this birth--to be uneventful. It took me a moment to understand, but then it clicked. Yes, not another like Judah's footling breech presentation at the last minute. Haha! I'm counting on an easy-breezy birth compared to that one. 

Then it was the moment I'd been waiting for--time to see my little bug and hear the thumpity-thump of his/her heart. This can be a somewhat tense moment; I've known a few people that went into that appointment only to find the heartbeat wasn't there and to leave broken and hurt. I was wanting to hurry past the picture on the screen and get to the heartbeat, but to my delight, I was far enough along that I could see the heart moving on the screen! I remember being so amazed by that as Judah's growth progressed--to actually SEE his heart pumping blood. Last time, I had my first appointment at 7 weeks, so it was a bit too soon to see much on the ultrasound. Just a little blog. But this kiddo was measuring at 9 weeks, (though according to the silly way that the medical world calculates due dates based on the last menstrual cycle, baby is apparently 11 weeks; I don't think so.)

First Ultrasound - Baby #2 {}

But here was the best part. Reagan held Judah up to the screen to see his new little sibling, and he began waving to him/her. My hormonal self is now in tears. I so love that kid, and am so excited for him to have a best friend close to him in age. 

Though I haven't been feeling the greatest, and am extra tired to be growing a human while running after a 9 month old, I couldn't be happier.