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False Labor

Tabitha Helms

False Labor {}

Yesterday, I hit 39 weeks. That was the day I went into labor with Judah, and the crazy amount of pre-labor symptoms I've had the past two weeks has had me thinking, this kiddo's going to follow suit. Let me give you an example. 

First Pregnancy:
- No Braxton Hicks
- Digestive System Flush before Labor Started
- Lost Cervical Plug the Day before Labor Started
- Cramps the Day before Labor Started
- Water Broke around 8cm

Second Pregnancy: 
- Braxton Hicks the Entire 3rd Trimester
- Cramps Regularly at 37 Weeks
- Cervical-like Discharge Regularly at 37 Weeks
- Digestive System Flush about once a Week
- Contractions for 5 hours at 39 Weeks (...but I'll get into that in a moment.)

I've been doing my part to induce naturally at home now that I made it through my week of work meetings because I am ready to be done with all these symptoms that meant it's time to have a baby with the first pregnancy but apparently means nothing of the sort with this one. 

How to Naturally Induce Labor according to the Internet:
- Eat Spicy Food
- Exercise (went for a bike ride)
- Have Sex
- Nipple Stimulation
- Bounce on a Yoga Ball
- Drink Red Leaf Raspberry Tea
- Eat Dates
- Acupressure
- Massage
- Chiropractic Adjustment
- Warm Bath
- Clary Sage Essential Oil
- Eat Pineapple (couldn't do this one because it's the only thing that makes me throw up while husband and firstborn are also allergic, which I think may contribute while they're in the womb)

There are other things, but these are the ones I've been working on the past couple days. At around 3pm, I thought I was starting to have contractions, but I wasn't sure because maybe it was just cramps or maybe it was just Braxton Hicks. They were stronger than the pain I'd been feeling previously, but I could still talk through them. When they'd been happening for a while, I decided to start timing them. They were consistently 30 seconds long, 4 minutes apart. I figured it was probably early labor at this point, and we called my parents to come get Judah--just in case. We tidied the house, I put up my affirmation cards, and got Judah ready to go. 

After Judah left, we texted our families to let them know, and I used the yoga ball for comfort through the surges. We watched TV and Reagan put pressure on my back for the back pain through surges as well as massaged some essential oils in. We stopped for dinnertime, and then went out for a walk. We did curb-walking to help baby shift down, had a mini ice cream date, and enjoyed each others' company. All this time, my contractions stayed at 30 seconds, 4 minutes apart. When we got home, I got in a hot tub to relax, and around 8pm, my contractions went to 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. I was discouraged and tired after 5 hours, so I went to bed. I knew I was no longer in labor when I could go to the bathroom without having a contraction right after--that is always a guaranteed way for me to have a surge when I'm laboring. 

Morning came, and no baby. I feel tired and confused. I read an article about the difference between real and false labor, and I shouldn't have had so much consistency in my contractions for such a long time. False labor is supposed to be irregular. There was no progress over the 5 hours, but I figured I was just in the early labor stage rather than active labor. I hate that all the clues that labor is coming for the first pregnancy are the experience I get to have for weeks before the baby actually comes this time around. I am so baffled and have no idea what to expect from this upcoming week. Trying to figure out if Reagan should go into work this week or not was an interesting conversation. Picturing myself going through what I did yesterday sometime this week while Reagan was at work made me think that I would just keep putting off telling him to come because I don't think I'll believe labor's really happening.