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Tabs' Blog

Dedication Sunday

Tabitha Helms

When I was pregnant, I could often be found browsing Zulily for good deals on baby and maternity clothes. When this layette set popped up, I couldn't resist. I bought it with his dedication in mind. 

Baby Dedication

There were many components of today--the more humorous "mom life" side of specifically NOT dressing the baby in the morning just in case he decided to spit up his breakfast, smelling the familiar smell of stink right before church started (a good thing because it hadn't happened in a few days, but also an alarming thing in case a blowout was about to happen), listening to him "talk" all through announcements, and watching him try to steal the microphone when it was his turn to be prayed over, leaving right after worship to change out of my dress (because dresses are impossible to nurse in), feeding him in the car, then going for a drive while everyone else remained at church so he could take his nap, while I double parked at a restaurant to put our name in for brunch, and then quietly read a book in the car while he finished his nap (after finding a real parking spot). ;) 

But while the "mom life" side of today makes me laugh and say, "what can you do?" the more serious, and sentimental side makes me smile and fills my heart to overflowing. Baby dedications remind me of weddings, and dedicating our son took me back to that day two and a half years ago that we invited our friends and family to come be our witnesses as we pledged to honor each other and be true to each other for the rest of our lives. I cried my eyes out as I made my promise to my husband in front of all the people we love so dearly. 

Today, we invited our families and friends. I smiled at how many seats we had to save. I smiled as I saw the grandparents and uncles who couldn't take their eyes off my charming, little boy jabbering away. I smiled that  I smiled as my best friend walked in with her daughter--remembering the day that I was a witness to her dedication. I smiled to see so many friends from our Young Marrieds Life Group who were also at our wedding who came today to be witness to our commitment to our son. 

Baby Dedication

Today we committed to the best of our ability to raise our son in the ways of the Lord, teaching him about Jesus Christ and the hope of redemption that is found in Him, to give an example of Christ-like living as a family in the way we interact with each other, our friends, and our community.

After church, my best friend and I tried to snap a picture of our kids--easier said than done! Judah was much more interested in the greenery growing under the curb than looking at the camera, haha! I love the way they interact though. So sweet to be a mom with my bestie. <3

What a blessing to have both our families present! My in-laws and friend Luann woke up ridiculously early to make the drive, my brother-in-law who is away at school made sure to be FaceTimed in, my parents made arrangements for their volunteer positions to be filled at church today so they could come, and my brother and sister-in-law came to join us after he finished running his first half marathon. I adore them all and am so thankful they were here!

Baby Dedication