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Cloth Diaper Adventures

Tabitha Helms

We have completed our first week in cloth diapers! I did the research long before I was pregnant. I knew I wanted to use cloth to save money. There's several reasons why cloth diapers are great, but let's be honest; I just wanted to save while I was staying at home with baby!

Cloth Diapering Baby Helms

When we found out about Judah and started our registry, we had a diaper talk. Reagan had never used cloth diapers before and was grimacing at the idea, which makes sense. The majority of people use disposable diapers, and the mindset about cloth includes "they smell" and "you have to wash poop out." A friend suggested we attend a cloth diapering class at Babies in Bloom, and I'm really glad we did! I had thought about using gDiapers at first, but at the class we found out that they don't always fit boys well depending on where their anatomy sits in the diaper. But we found out about another diaper system that uses inserts: Flip Diapers! We decided to go with those and registered for the system. 

We didn't start using cloth right away because I didn't want to buy newborn specific cloth diapers--not knowing how long he would end up needing them. We used Honest Co diapers in the meantime, which were totally cute. He sadly got a rash last week in them. :( By Sunday we had used up all but three disposables and now was big enough to fit in his Flips so we took the plunge!

Cloth Diapering

So, what's it been like? Not so hard actually! There's a learning curve, for sure, but after a week I feel like I have the hang of it and feel confident about this method for the rest of our diaper days.

I've been in touch with the customer service at Flip Diapers, and they've been so great at getting back to me, looking at the pictures I send, and suggesting different things to get a better fit. The first day he had a leak out the leg, and whenever he poops, it gets on that elastic on the side. They said that would happen, but if I'm pulling them high on his thighs and up on his belly, then it shouldn't leak past the elastic. We haven't had any further leaks this week. Now we're trying to troubleshoot why the insert sometimes slides down from the back flap. I wish there was a little velcro back there or something to hold it in place. I believe with the BumGenius diapers, which are made by the same company, there are snaps to hold it in place. Today it hasn't slid down at all though, and he's been sleeping a ton so I think he's grown again. Maybe he just needed to get a little bigger! 

The washing took a couple tries to figure out what would work too. I do a cold rinse with the diaper sprayer using a diaper spray shield that I made using this tutorial (super easy!) Then the part I had to figure out was to drizzle some On Guard Cleaner Concentrate on the leftover stains. Then put them in the wet bag. I wash them with On Guard Laundry Detergent in hot water and line dry them in the sun. The first time I did the laundry, the stains didn't come out and I was freaking out trying lemon juice, OxiClean (chemicals I was trying to avoid by doing laundry at my parents' house instead of the laundromat and by using On Guard Detergent) and sunning. Then I read you have to wash them again after the lemon juice or it'll sting baby's skin. So I was thinking I was going to have to wash everything twice every time. :-P But I tried the Concentrate this time, and it worked great. I also bought a Buncha Farmer's Stain Stick. It just came yesterday, so I haven't tried it out yet. But I rubbed some on a onesie that got a stain today. We'll see if that natural solution works!

Cloth Diaper Laundry

The first night in the diapers, Judah woke up every hour between 2am--6am. That was fun. I read that with cloth babies feel wet sooner, so I tried putting two inserts in for nighttime, and he's slept fine since then. 

How about the smell, you ask? I've hardly noticed it. I smell it when I first change him just like I did when we had disposables. And I smell it again when I first put it on the spray shield. I don't smell it while I'm rinsing, and I don't smell it around the house. My wet bags seem to be doing their magic! Another perk we've found in this category is Judah no longer has constipation. Haha! Not something I expected from making this switch, but I'm really thankful for it! He NEVER used to poop without a Windi. Now, he's working those muscles all on his own! #proudmama Lol. 

I think the last thing we need to figure out is how many inserts we need. We were so blessed that our entire, current supply of diapers and inserts were purchased for us from our registry. I think we only bought 3 inserts and 1 cover ourselves. We currently have 11 covers and 18 inserts. We also have 3 packages of disposable inserts that I plan to use while traveling when I don't want to be doing laundry or lugging around dirty inserts. I think if I'm going to swing only doing laundry twice a week on a regular basis, I need a couple more boxes of inserts--assuming he averages with 8 diaper changes a day. And then of course Cotton Babies periodically comes out with limited edition covers that are adorable like this new Mozart one! (Of course we must get that considering Judah listens to classical music daily during his feeding time to help him stay focused...totally works!) 

Mozart Limited Edition Flip Diaper

One final thing I'll mention that has been handy are Diaper Dawgs Finger Guards. It's easy to put it on and pull out the dirty insert and drop it in the wet bag without getting his mess all over my hands. I keep one at home and one in the diaper bag for on-the-go changes. It's been working great! 

Diaper Dawgs Finger Guards