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Tabs' Blog

Night Shift with Baby

Tabitha Helms

The only thing everyone tells you is that you can kiss sleep good-bye when you have a baby. "Are you getting any sleep?" Is the first question we get after their comments about how cute Judah is and how much he looks like Reagan. But what does that mean exactly? What is a night shift like? Here's a peek at last night with Baby Helms! 

7:14pm - eat 8 minutes, then fall asleep. Try and wake by burping him. No luck. Let him continue sleeping on your lap.  

8:00pm - wake him to finish eating. Eat 12 minutes. Put him in jammies and car seat. Falls asleep immediately. Drive to pick up Hubby's car and have a milkshake date on the way home.  

9:30pm - arrive home and stick car seat with sleeping baby in the Pack N Play. Shower and head to bed. 

1:38am - wake when baby cries to eat. Eat 23 minutes, paused in between to burp twice when he got drowsy and unlatched. Paused again when he got drowsy to change his diaper and reswaddle him. Put him in Pack N Play with pacifier. {checked on dog who just had surgery, force fed her water through a straw} Go to bed, but watch baby in monitor in the other room until his eyes stay closed.


2:30am - Baby is asleep so you can go to sleep.

5:10am - wake when baby cries to eat. Undress baby to keep him more awake. Baby eats 18 minutes, but paused in between when fussed to burp. Stop feeding for about 10 minutes because baby is grunting and kicking his legs, trying to pass gas and poop. Hold his legs up and wiggle him to try and help. When nothing happens for a long time, go change his diaper and use a Windi to help move things along. Redress and swaddle him to finish the feed so he'll be more drowsy and fall asleep soon after finishing eating. Finished eating but is still pretty awake. Put him in Pack N Play with pacifier. {Go check the dog, force feed water through straw.} Replace baby's pacifier and go to bed. 

6:00am - Hubby's alarm goes off while you're watching baby in video monitor. Ask him to replace pacifier while he's up and then go to sleep because if baby cries, Hubby can handle it. Go to sleep. 

7:25am - baby is awake but not crying to eat yet, so unswaddle him and let him sit in the bassinet and look around. {Give dog two medications}  

7:37am - baby eats 12 minutes and is too drowsy to continue. Swaddle and put in Pack N Play with pacifier. {Give dog two more medications and hand feed wet dog food to her.} 

8:30am - baby is now napping, go lie down and try to nap too.  

9:00am - Your brain was too wired to nap. Catch up on emails and rest instead though you know you should get up and get dressed for church because soon you'll have to feed the baby and give the dog more meds.

9:45am - You feel ready to begin your day. You need to:
- pump breastmilk
- get dressed
- do 50 crunches
- make up and hair

9:48am - baby cries to eat; so much for beginning your day. Feed and burp the baby, change him, then set him down while you go give meds to the dog (grinding them with a mortar and pestle, mind you).

10:10am - Dress the baby. Set the baby down while you get ready in approximately 3 minutes. No time for straightening your hair; put a hair clip in instead. Go with the bare minimum in the makeup department - foundation to cover the bags under your eyes, eye liner to further hide the eye bag situation, and lip color to brighten your tired face. Throw on something appropriate for church, cool for summer, and easy to nurse in. 

10:15am - pen up the dogs, grab the diaper bag, your purse, your child in his car seat, and head to church praying there's no traffic. 

Total sleep for Mommy: 7.5 hours  
Only a half hour less than I was getting before Judah came into our lives, though I will admit there is something divinely wonderful about uninterrupted sleep. ;) 


And this kid is pretty cute, so in the morning it always feels worth it. <3