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StitchFix Review #5!

Tabitha Helms

This is my first StitchFix box postpartum, and I was pretty picky about what I wanted. I'm attending an outdoor wedding in Washington next month and have had no luck in finding a dress that doesn't make me look pregnant still and is easy to nurse in. A shirt is easy enough to lift to nurse with just a nursing cover, but you can't really go hiking up your dress to feed your child decently. In my box, I asked for a dress appropriate for the wedding and nursing. The rest of my items requested were summery tops. All items were needing to be easy to nurse in and not clingy on my midsection that is still tightening back to normal size. 

I had a new stylist, and it's been a while since I've had a box (last fall while I was pregnant). I am also no longer in the career world so my outfit style is not as broad because I have fewer venues to wear clothes to. I'm sad to say, I kept nothing from my box this time. I'm glad my styling fee was waived as a promo because it wasn't even worth the $20 to have things picked for me. 

1) Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt - $54

StitchFix Review #5!

This was the only item in my box that I liked. The fabric has some stretch to it, but it doesn't cling to my stomach. I can undo the buttons and nurse easily or lift it up to nurse as well since it's not too tight. I like the brightness of the print; it's a good color for summer. I don't love that it's three quarter sleeves; it's a little too hot for that. Since this was the only item I liked and it wasn't really appropriate for summer heat, I decided to RETURN it. 

2) Gilli Trista Faux Wrap Jersey Dress - $68

I like that this dress is a wrap--very easy to nurse in. I think this is too dark to wear to a wedding, and looks more like something that is appropriate for a work environment than a going out dress. It's a bit too matronly for a young mom like me. I HATE that this makes me still look pregnant! RETURN

3) Market & Spruce Colibri Polka Dot Print Top - $48

StitchFix Review #5!

I don't like anything about this top except that it can button down to nurse. The fabric is tight at the shoulders; I can't lift my hands over my head all the way. It's also a kind that would wrinkle easily in the wash but would stick to a hot iron. I HATE the neckline. It's so closed, not feminine at all. The only reason it's got a little triangle of skin showing is my arm is bent to hold my phone. This is not something I would wear in the summer heat. Again, the three quarter sleeves are not my favorite. RETURN


4) Le Lis Eldon Dress - $68

StitchFix Review #5!

I love this dress! It's cute, a fun print, and girly. However, it's made out of the same fabric as the Colibri Polka Dot Print Top. So it will wrinkle, but not do well with an iron, and the shoulders are too tight to get my arms up. Case in point: the tag snapped right off when I tried to get the dress off over my head. Haha. The tie doesn't open wide enough to nurse, so this would not work for the wedding we're attending with our son. RETURN

5) 41Hawthorn Montgomery Cross Front Knit Top - $48

Ahhh, I look pregnant in this fabric! Again it has a stretch fabric too tight around my stomach even though it does allow me to nurse. I had been excited when I saw this print and that it was sleeveless but I was disappointed when I tried it on. Besides the pregnant status, I am not a fan of this neckline. It covers a lot and makes me look boxy and not curvy. RETURN

Overall, I was really bummed that most of the items either made me look pregnant or could not be nursed in or weren't cool enough for the summer heat. I returned everything and went to Kohls while Hubby watched the baby to find a dress for the wedding. I found three dresses in minutes that were cool and summery, fun colors, and could be nursed in. I didn't look pregnant or matronly in any of them. I had $10 Kohls cash, so I ended up spending just $10.79 on a dress I know I will wear again! 

Cute summer dresses at Kohls!