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Tabs' Blog

Thank You Nurse Bags

Tabitha Helms

I read several Pinterest pins about providing the nurses with something to thank them for their help during labor and delivery. I always believe in thanking people when they do a good job, especially when their job could often involve many long hours and not enough thanks. I put together some goodie bags for our nurses after asking on our hospital tour how many nurses would be assigned to help during delivery. I got some insight from a dear friend of mine who is a labor and delivery nurse herself what she would appreciate receiving. 

Thank You Bags for Labor & Delivery Nurses

Quick, Healthy Snacks
Nurses work long hours and their break times are not always convenient for having a meal. But their jobs require lots of energy so being able to eat a quick snack helps them out. Here's what I put in my bags:
- Organic, Superberry Fusion Trail Mix
- Kind Bar
- Simply Balanced Fruit Leather

Thank You Bags for Labor and Delivery Nurses

Staying hydrated is very important!
- Good Earth Tea
- Simply Balanced Tropical Drink Mix

Thank You Bags for Labor & Delivery Nurses

All that handwashing, really dries out your hands!
- Travel Size Gold Bond Healing Lotion with Aloe

Thank You Bags for Labor & Delivery Nurses

Hard work makes my lips feel dry, how about you? 
- Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Thank You Bags for Labor & Delivery Nurses

Thank You Card
Who doesn't like getting a genuine thank you card? Obviously, it had to be a little generic since I wrote them pre-delivery, and I didn't know what specifically my nurses would help me with that would mean a lot. But I thanked them for taking part in helping us meet our little one and told them I appreciated the long hours they put in and their dedication to their jobs. Someone asked me, "What if you had a nurse that didn't do a good job?" Well, kill them with kindness then. ;) Maybe they were just having a bad day and a nice thank you could turn it around. 

Thank You Bags for Labor & Delivery Nurses

I'm really glad I took the time to do this because we really did have amazing nurses when it was time to deliver. They were rooting for me, praying for me, and coaching me through my pushes as I attempted to deliver a breech baby in the OR. I couldn't have done it without them, and I thank God for the ones He gave me for that challenge.