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My Favorite Pregnancy Reads

Tabitha Helms

There is so much information out therefor pregnancy, birth, and postpartum (not to mention child-rearing!). Pinterest and Google were very helpful for me, but here are my favorite reads for this exciting life stage!


Mindful Birthing by Nancy Bardacke

My Favorite Pregnancy Reads

This book offered a positive mindset about childbirth, which was refreshing in a doom and gloom world where everyone has a horror story to tell about birth. After my own 22 hour labor with a breech delivery, I realize that you can be an optimist or a pessimist about your birth stories. Birth may not be easy, but birth is doable and this book took away a lot of the fear that I had about what it would be like. The principles in the book helped me through my anxiety during pregnancy and as a worrying sort of person, I had no fear about giving birth while I was pregnant. It had some great practices like body scans that were practical and helpful when I had a hard time sleeping. It gave an educational approach to what you feel during birth and what’s happening with your body. Some of it was a little “out there” for me—a little too yogi for my style. But I got a lot out of it regardless. 


Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies by Stephanie Fritz

My Favorite Pregnancy Reads

Stephanie is a midwife who uses essential oils in her practice. This book was a great guideline and go-to for me when I would be suffering from different ailments during pregnancy. She gives great, natural options for pregnant women. There are recipes for rollerballs and spray bottles to be easily used. Oils were a huge part of my life during this stage, and most of what I tried came from this book with great success. It also provides things to use during birth and for the baby (like Myrrh on the umbilical cord stump for quick healing—Judah’s fell off in 6 days!). And it goes into baby life and oils you can use with your kids. 


The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two by Dr. Sears

My Favorite Pregnancy Reads

My chiropractor told me about this one and just opened it this week. It’s amazing! It really does cover everything: breastfeeding, colic, illness, milestones, exercising and sex after baby, etc. The book is huge, but he’s very concise in his explanations and titles and subtitles make it easy to find what you know when you're going through something with your baby.