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3rd Trimester Update

Tabitha Helms

Maternity Shoot

I literally cannot believe I am already in 3rd trimester! Someone asked me last night if I felt like my pregnancy was dragging--no way! It's surreal that we're in the final stretch though the signs are definitely there. Our schedules seem to get more and more packed as we try to get things done before baby comes. I have doctor appointments every 2 weeks now instead of every 4. We started hypnobirthing class this month. "Nesting" has been in full swing with rearranging the house and sorting hand-me-down baby clothes. Baby shower invitations are sent out. And babymoon is officially complete! It's a busy season, that's for sure. 

A few weeks ago Reagan loaded himself with his nice camera equipment and we went to Kit Carson Park (where we took engagement pictures eons ago) to snap some maternity pics. He's so talented. <3 He also took some of me while we were in Santorini on our Babymoon, and we have our final bit scheduled to take place at our wedding venue in a couple weeks. After feeling bloated, refluxed, and frumpy in stretchy pants the past few weeks, it was really nice to get a haircut and makeover and put on a pretty dress. Pampering is never overrated. We'll post more maternity pics when we finish our final shoot, but for now you can enjoy the sneak peak above. :) 

Our babymoon was a huge success in my book and will get its own post when we download and sort all the pictures. But for now you can live vicariously through some of my iPhone pics of Athens, Crete, and Oia, Greece. Santorini has always been on my bucket list, and it was a dream come true to get to go. Naturally there were a few hiccups as are always bound to occur when traveling, and especially traveling to a country where English is not the primary language. But my amazing Hubby took care of it all, and I had a wonderful time with him. I am so in love with that guy. <3 

We took our trip to Greece at just the right time. I just started 3rd trimester and still felt pretty good. Upon returning, the 3rd trimester woes hit me: horrible back pain, restless sleep, and my stomach feeling tightly stretched and full. I can't imagine how I can possibly get bigger, nor how I'm going to manage continuing my job for the next 9 weeks feeling like this. I totally understand why people start maternity leave at 32 weeks. I'm still plugging away at getting everything preplanned for the last month of school just in case, though I can't imagine what that will be like if I need to go on emergency leave. 'Hey boss, my labor just started. We need a sub to come like right now so I can show her where everything is to take over my class for the next few weeks.' I don't really see that going smoothly. Haha.

I am thrilled to death that we finally have had some time to rearrange the house and make some more space for living. Our 2nd bedroom used to be arranged like a library with rows of bookshelves coming away from the walls (yes, we have that many books). We were able to dust the books off (sneezing all the while) and stack the shelves against the walls. It opened up a ton of space! Now the dogs will have some more room when we leave them during the day since that's where we put up their gate by the door leading to the back patio. It also has room for a craft table to be set up so we no longer have to have it in the middle of our living room or all over the kitchen table. (Big yay!) Baby Helms will still be living in the living room even though there's room for him in the 2nd bedroom because I just don't feel good about keeping him with the dusty books and the smelly dogs. Can't be good for his little lungs... We also moved all the games to a separate bookshelf into the corner of the living room instead of being piled on and around the entry table. The most challenging dilemma I had to face was where to put the entry table. It's a nice table; we didn't want to get rid of it. I had originally thought it would get moved to the 2nd bedroom, but that didn't work right. Finally, I had a stroke of genius and positioned it coming away from the wall instead of going along side the wall. And voila! Suddenly we had a table that we can keep his diapers and creams on with some space for baskets underneath (thanks Hobby Lobby!) to keep his clothes, toys, books, nursing cover, etc. I am ecstatic! 

This week at work, my school surprised me at chapel and called me up to the stage and each class presented me with onesies they had decorated. Some of them also said words of encouragement to me and/or prayed over me. My hormonal self cried my eyes out the whole time. It was so meaningful. This has been a special place for me the past 5 years, and it's been great to see my students grow and continue on to succeed. I won't be teaching next year, but I will still come back and substitute for my lovely colleagues as soon as I'm able to get Baby to take a bottle. 

Healthwise, my pregnancy is doing great. I don't have gestational diabetes or swelling. On Monday at out ultrasound we got to see Baby has tons of hair and is 3 lbs and 3 oz--not too big, and not too small! I have definitely felt the difficulty of 3rd trimester though. I'm very worn out! Everyone tells me I'm so close, but 9 weeks sounds like a long time with all the discomfort I'm in. Just trying to take it one day at a time, remembering to breathe, laugh, and enjoy the bouncy babe inside my womb. He is a gift. <3 

3rd Trimester