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Tabs' Blog

Week 20 Update

Tabitha Helms

We can't believe I'm already halfway done with my pregnancy! It doesn't feel like it's been that long already. I am finally feeling better physically even though I didn't have morning sickness. The past few weeks I haven't had anxiety at night like I had the past month or so. My belly is getting rounder, and I can feel my round ligaments stretching (which is painful!). I have thankfully found some oils to help.

My chiropractor, Dr. Jay is wonderful. I see him twice a month, and last time he said I have less problems in my upper back, which means my body has responded well to his adjustments and the stress is being dealt with better. Getting rid of the stress is going to allow my brain to check in on the rest of my body and deal with problems instead of having to focus so much on the stress. This means less pain and a better birth!

I have been buying cute and practical things on Zulily, which offers flash sales. I found my nursing pillow, nursing bras, maternity clothes, and some baby clothes that were too cute to pass up. I was really bummed the tux onesie was too big. He would've looked so cute at the cousin's wedding we're going to a couple months after he's born!

Tux Onesie

Hubby and I had a nice weekend away at a marriage retreat for church last weekend. There were two other pregnant women there, and lots of caring people who accommodated for me and encouraged me. It was great to hear some perspectives of other people with families about how they make life work. I especially appreciated hearing from an introvert like me how she finds time to recharge in the midst of having a houseful of boys. It was fun to enjoy a date around La Jolla taking pictures at all the murals. 

20 weeks pregnant

And now, we are excitedly planning a babymoon to Europe over spring break to have another getaway and get some last hurrah traveling in before Baby Helms makes his appearance. And we are enjoying Baby's wiggles and hiccups. He likes rhythmic music and when I eat or sit. Well, I assume he's moving because he likes it. Who knows, maybe he doesn't like it and that's why he's moving! 

We're excited to meet our little man!