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Jamberry Nails Review

Tabitha Helms

I love to paint my nails. It's therapy for me--a time I get to be creative and try new designs. They may not always look perfect, but they're fun and many people are amazed that I did it myself. So when Jamberry first started coming out and I was getting invited to parties, I wasn't really interested. 

But as the busyness of life overtook me, and I began to have less and less time to sit down and paint something creative on my nails, I became a little more open to the idea. 

My friend Kaytlyn, whom I've known since high school, asked me if I'd be interested in writing a review post for Jamberry Nails on my blog. I thought, "Sure, why not? What could it hurt?" Honestly though, I didn't think I'd be that impressed. I've used nail stickers before, and these seemed a lot more expensive.

She gave me a sample kit at after-school pick-up, and I took them home to investigate.

Jamberry Tools

In my little sample pack, I had:
- a sample sheet of nail wraps
- an emery board
- a rubber cuticle pusher
- a product magazine

May I just comment, that I have never used a rubber cuticle pusher before, and it was amazing. Those plastic ones always hurt my fingers. The Jamberry emery board was a really good emery board too. (Obviously, I was so excited about it, I used it before remembering I was going to take a picture of all my tools!) It didn't get run down too quickly and it was the right amount of roughness to get my nails very even, very quickly. 

So this was the challenge I was given in order to review Jamberry effectively: 

Jamberry Challenge

I didn't expect my polish to outlast the wraps; my nails always chip very easily. I did go the extra mile, which I don't always have time for and put on a base coat, two layers of color, and a top coat on my regular polish nails. Before doing those, I wanted to make sure I could easily use my fingers for the Jamberry application without having to worry about smudging a wet nail. 

What you need to apply a Jamberry nail wrap

Kaytlyn gave me a great little video to help me apply it correctly. I loved that it was so easy and fast. I could easily remember how to do it without having to watch the video every time.

I filed my nails with the emery board,
cleaned them with alcohol on a cotton ball,
pushed down my cuticles with the cuticle pusher,
picked up the nail wrap that I wanted using the cuticle pusher
(don't use your fingers or you'll get oil on it, and it might not stick well),
blow dried one end of the wrap,
stuck it on my finger,
trimmed it off with scissors,
then pressed down on the wrap with my finger to seal it.

I used the emery board at a 90 degree angle to file off the little bit hanging off my nail; it came off really easily and was the right shape. This part was convenient for when I had to do my right hand. It would have been difficult to trim it exactly the shape of my nail with my left hand.

All in all, it took 5 minutes to apply the wrap to two nails. Wow! That part floored me! Especially because I took the next 30 minutes with dry time between to paint my other nails with base, 2 layers, and top coat. And then had to wait to be able to do things for another hour so I wouldn't smudge my nails. 

Day 1 of the Jamberry Test

Day 1 of the Jamberry Test

My nails looked great! I loved using one as an accent to my other nails. I still got to do some painting, which used polish I already had so they cost me nothing. 

Day 4 of the Jamberry Test

Day 4 of the Jamberry Test

It looked pretty much the same by Day 4 of the test. My regular polish is starting to wear off the top edge of my nails.

Day 4 Jamberry Test, small lift at edge of one nail wrap

Day 4 Jamberry Test, small lift at edge of one nail wrap

On Day 4, I felt a little catch on the edge of one of my nail wraps. I looked closer and saw there was a little lift on the edge. It was really hard to focus my camera on that point, but you can see the uneven line. It wasn't there the days prior, so I don't think that was a mistake from me. Probably a combination of my nails growing and the wrap being on my most-used finger. It wasn't high enough to catch on anything and lift all the way off, just a small irritation if my other fingers brushed against it. I'm one of those people that notices when what's on my nails is coming off. If it was polish doing this or a layer of my nail peeling, I would just peel it right off. But because I knew it would tear off the whole thing, I had good self-control and left it alone. 

Day 7 Jamberry Test

Day 7 Jamberry Test

By Day 7, my regular polish was obviously chipping. My nail wrapped nail had grown out a little, but it was much less noticeable than my other nails I believe because the rest of the wrap was still in tact. 

Day 7 Jamberry Test, small lift of wrap off my nail

Day 7 Jamberry Test, small lift of wrap off my nail

On Day 7, the minor catch in my wrap from Day 4 had become an actual space between my wrap and my nail. Probably because of its exposure to air and dirt between Days 4-7. After taking this final picture, I absent-mindedly played with that little flapping part of the wrap and the whole wrap peeled off. Even that was a good experience though because it didn't tear or leave part of the wrap behind. I had a clean and clear fingernail unlike my other nails that I would have to use chemicals to remove the remaining polish. 

What's the Verdict on Jamberry Nails?

So, what's the verdict? 

I LOVED them!! 

I was genuinely surprised and delighted by how much I was a fan. Jamberry Nails have some major pros.

- They're FAST to apply!
- There are so many designs! (many of which would be next to impossible to paint)
- They're not full of harmful chemicals! (A big plus for me as I've been trying hard to reduce my toxin load by lately) 
- A sheet of nail wraps is good for 2 complete manicures, 2 complete pedicures, with several leftover wraps to use as accent nails
- They stay on well
- They come off easily and all at once

Some examples of the more complex designs that I know I couldn't do myself.

Some examples of the more complex designs that I know I couldn't do myself.

- I'm not a fan of the cost compared to painting my own nails. $5 for a bottle of nail polish that can be used many, many times over versus $15 for 2 mani/pedis and some accents. 
However, for all the pros that you're paying for, it's worth it. And getting a professional mani/pedi is usually about $40, so this is definitely a steal compared to that. 

1 Jamberry Sheet Break

I definitely plan to buy these again. And I think they would make fun gifts too. Jamberry does a buy 3, get 1 free special all the time too. :) 

Are you convinced? Do you want to try it out too? I'm having a one-time only, online party that's open until May 22nd! Click here to check out the fun designs and order some for yourselves.