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Fifty Shades

Tabitha Helms

Fifty Shades of Sad

I debated for a while if I would write my thoughts about Fifty Shades of Grey. So many people have already, and people either fight for or against it so strongly. I wondered if I had anything different to say than what others already have. But, whether it has already been said or not, I think it really matters, and it has weighed heavily on me since all this hype started. 

I'm not here to judge anyone; I've never read the books, nor do I plan to watch the movie. I firmly believe that God is responsible for speaking truth through His Holy Spirit and letting people know what to do. I will simply share what has been on my heart about it.

I read a quote about what Plugged In said about the movie that fit strongly with my sentiments:

"Based on E. L. James' best-selling novel and nearly unrivaled cultural sensation, Fifty Shades of Grey gives us not one but two broken people hoping to find salvation in each other. This is a love story, it could be said. But any love story without God gets twisted into a broken, heartbreaking jumble. We go to extremes when we try to sate our leaking souls with the stuff of this world. When we don't understand the love of Christ, we don't understand love at all. We needlessly hurt the ones we think we love. We confuse words like honor and obey with subjugation and degradation. We have a monster within us, all of us. We make a mess of things."

My response to this movie/book? I'm sad. I think it's so heartbreaking to romanticize sex without love, intimacy, and heart-connection. That's the best thing about sex! That's how God created it: becoming one with another whom you are committed to before God and man. To connect with another soul in a way that honors and cherishes who they are. 

I encourage you not to fall into the lie that you can heal someone by "submitting" to them in the name of "love." Only God has the power to truly heal a soul of painful experiences. As Christians, it is our job to point others to the cross of Christ so that they can see what Love really means and to discover who can heal them from their hurts.