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Tabs' Blog

Week 13 Genetic Testing

Tabitha Helms

A few weeks ago, I got my blood taken and scheduled an appointment with Specialty & Obstetrics in Del Mar for an ultrasound to see if there was any telling signs of a genetic disorder. This one was non-invasive, so I was on board for educating ourselves more about our baby. All came back clear in that department, so I don't plan to do any more genetic tests. 

I was a little bummed that I had to leave work early to drive to Del Mar just for an ultrasound, but it ended up being so great. We spent about 30 minutes looking at my little one from all angles. I got to see the little heart, brain, bladder, and....wait for it.....penis! It's a boy!! I was really surprised to find that out so soon--thought we'd have to wait another 4 weeks or so. But he wasn't shy from either angle we checked. But don't just take my word for it, see for yourself!

Besides the fun news, we did find out that baby's umbilical cord attaches to the uterine wall before going to the placenta, instead of taking a direct route. (Velamentous Cord Insertion) The doctor said this can cause two things: it can affect his growth and/or it can cause pre-term labor. So far, Baby Helms has been exactly where he needs to be on the growth charts each month, which is great news. We are praying fervently against pre-term labor. I really want to be able to finish the school year with my students, and being due the week after the last week of school is already cutting it close. Please join us in prayer for these two specific things. We know we serve a big God, and His timing is perfect with this little boy. <3

Also, in our follow up appointment with my OBGYN, he told me how unconcerned he was about all of this. He said he couldn't remember the last patient he had that went into preterm labor because of it, and agreed with me that his growth is fine. He said I'll just have a few more checks to keep up on his progress. He also said that we have to watch for the umbilical cord blocking the cervix and during his attempted exit into the world. Also he said we'll need to monitor his heart rate because the "jelly" around the cord might be squeezed more during contractions, but he said it's not a huge deal and I can still labor at home. Yay! I love my doc. He's so calming and educating. :)