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Tabs' Blog

Appointment #2

Tabitha Helms

Baby Helms is already a model child and posed for us perfectly during the ultrasound. 

Baby Helms: 11 Weeks Old!

Baby Helms: 11 Weeks Old!

I've never been able to make much sense of ultrasound pictures in the past. Even our 7 week one just looked like a little blob. But when Baby appeared on the screen, he/she gave a little jump which was hilarious, and then posed for us perfectly. Head, Hand, Foot. Bam! Baby Helms giving us the perfect profile. #winning

I also found out I was a week ahead from what I thought because I had put in the wrong due date to my Bump App. That made me feel a little better that I was having to use my Belly Band already for some of my pants that were already a little snug pre-pregnancy. 

We got the "good to go, baby is healthy" speech, and headed over to the Cap Wellness Center to set up an appointment with the chiropractor. I'm interested to see how that appointment goes; I've only been to the chiropractor once. This chiropractor specializes in pregnancy and said himself that he's not one of those "pops and cracks" chiropractors. That's what I didn't like about my other appointment--great for some people, but not my thing. He works more with taps and touches to adjust nerves as needed for more comfort and better pregnancy and birth. And hey, anything that could give me a better birth...yeah, I'm on board.