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Tabs' Blog


Tabitha Helms

Pregnancy Hormones

I've always been a bit on the emotional side. I think it was a little more dramatic through junior high and high school. And stress definitely triggers my emotions. Add in pregnancy to the mix? Dear Lord, is there a purpose to these pregnancy tears?!?!

Scene 1: Sitting in the Wellness Center Office with Care talking about how I can have a beautiful, sexy birth. 
Cue lump in throat because I didn't hear horror and blood and pain in her message and that I could experience something better than what I thought.

Scene 2: Hubby comes home with a Baby's First Halloween pumpkin onesie and hat that was on sale. 
Cue lower lip tremble because it's so cute and tiny and next year we'll have a little munchkin to wear it and because Hubs bought the first baby outfit.

Scene 3: I ask Reags to rate on a scale from 1-10 how strongly he wants to come with me to the Wellness Center Orientation class to decide if I should go to the class when he'd be out of town. He gave me a 9. 
Cue tears because my husband is the best teammate ever and cares about being there with me through each step.

Scene 4: Watch sweet Disney shorts on Netflix and "Feast" came on with a cute playful puppy that acted like Scout, and at the end they get married and have a baby and the puppy has a new best friend. 
Cue tears because my baby is going to have two of the best playmates ever growing up. 

Scene 5: Hubby is on a work trip. Come home from a long, exhausting working-two-jobs kind of day to discover my puppy has escaped from the pen, eaten the bacon off all the glue traps, and gotten her paws stuck tight to the glue trap. Spend the next two hours of my evening cleaning glue off her paws and my bathtub. Then later when I finally sit down to relax, hear a "thunk" and run to find she has knocked over the open bottle of olive oil I was using all over the bathroom floor.
Cue shouts at the dog, the biggest flood of tears you have ever seen, loud wailing, and fist pounding on the bed. 

Thankfully that latter scene is not the norm, but I have to say the best tears were when my mom started to cry when we told her on Christmas. The happiest tears ever! <3