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Tabitha Helms

Baby Announcement

It was Thursday, October 8th that I got home and took a pregnancy test. And then another one. And then went to the store for different kind. There it was, that digital screen blinking at me "PREGNANT." My head felt very light. I'm having a baby! Reagan was coming home that night after a change in his plans, but he took a lot longer than usual to get here. It was the longest 3 hours of my life waiting for him. I cooked dinner. I wrapped a gift for him to share the news. I waited. And waited. And waited. We enjoyed dinner together--me painfully aware that the gift was sitting right next to his plate, and he had yet to say anything! My hands were shaking all through dinner; it was so hard to eat normally with my phone cleverly hidden and propped up against a table plant to record when it was time. Finally he noticed it: 

Now to give you a little background, books are our thing. Like our book themed engagement shoot:


And our book themed wedding:

Clever Way to Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

And we're always reading books aloud together. (Our current selection is The Mysterious Benedict Society.)

So naturally, when I saw this book like a year ago:

I bought it and hid it behind my shoes. I, of course, wrote an inscription inside the cover like he always does for me. His surprise equaled mine, and it took some time to sort through the huge range of emotions we were feeling: excitement, amazement, wonder, surrealism. 

Telling our families was just as fun as telling Reagan. Another reason I was happy to get pregnant when we did was that we would be able to finish the first trimester by Christmas--a perfect surprise to give everyone! Reagan came up with the idea, and the results were not disappointing!

It was so exciting telling them all! You are welcome to follow our journey on my blog as we continue to learn and grow with our little one. We can't wait to welcome this baby in early June!