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Tabs' Blog

A Very Married Christmas

Tabitha Helms

I am LOVING having my very first married Christmas! Each day seems to be filled with another reminder of how fun it is.

I love having my own little home to decorate! We found the perfect sized tree together and swaddled my homemade, felt, snowman, tree skirt below it. My hubby worked hard to decorate it and our doorway with Christmas lights while I weaved a small string throughout some ornament balls and pine cones inside a decorative vase. We stayed up late putting ornaments on it so it wouldn't stand bare for a week while Reagan was out of town. It was fun to admire and smile over ornaments given to us from various, special people. I loved hanging mini stockings from our mail holder instead of a mantle. I loved making a Christmas wreath with Hobby Lobby sale finds. I loved wrapping presents together and working on secret surprises for each other. I loved getting to paint a Pinterest-inspired canvas that I pinned forever ago while I waited to have a home to put it in.

I love having my own little menorah to light! (Thanks, Mom!) I'll admit I've been fumbling over the Hebrew blessings a little, but there has been a definite improvement since the first night. (And God knows what I'm saying!) ;) I love that I get to bring Jewish traditions to my new home. 

I loved standing next to my husband in church last week, holding hands and singing about Jesus' birth together. (Naturally, we were also giggling our way through some of them as we stole each others' harmonies as we tend to do. #tenorhubby #altowifey) And I loved seeing my husband's generous heart as we went to buy toys for the community resource center. I really love that man!

I love love love checking the mail everyday and getting new Christmas cards to put on the fridge! (Thanks everyone for the contributions!) I love looking at them everyday and seeing all the happy wishes and smiling faces. It warms me right to the core. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by all those wonderful people who came to our wedding and who care about us. I also loved getting to make our own this year! (And that I got a deal on Living Social so they were on sale! Whoohoo!) I loved thinking of the important events in our lives this past year and summarizing the ones that happened together for our family. We didn't send out many because our parents' cards have our picture on them and went to a lot of people that we would include. But here it is for those that would like to see it! :) I loved that my puppies finally decided to look decent too! (I won't tell you what we had to go through to make that happen.) ;)

Christmas Card

But I think what I'm most excited about getting to wake up next to my mister on Christmas day and be the first to wish him, "Merry Christmas, Darling," before jumping into a fun day with both our families and a reuniting with my furry babies. <3

I love Christmas time!