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I'm Almost Married!

Tabs' Blog

I'm Almost Married!

Tabitha Helms

In 18 days, I'll be Tabitha Joy Helms.

The wedding planning is in full swing. Projects are getting done everyday. My calendar looks like an explosion of pencil lead. All the big things have been confirmed. The take-forever-DIY-crafts are almost nonexistent. The task lists and schedules have been constructed. The RSVPs have been confirmed. My brain is on overdrive and takes a good 30-60 minutes to shut down at night. And the butterflies in my stomach are getting stronger with excitement.

I can hardly believe it's finally here!

I was so relieved when the school year was finished, and I was done packing up my classroom so I could have a one-track mind and get stuff done. It's helped me have time to be as organized as I want to be, and I feel very proud to have received many compliments on my organizational skills by people who have worked the wedding circuit for years. Quite a few people have told me that I am the most organized bride they have ever seen. After the wedding, when I'm relaxed from a fantastic honeymoon, I will get to work on posting my tips and tricks for a successful, organized guide to planning a wedding. Lucky for you, you'll get templates that I had to create from scratch. ;)

There have been overwhelming moments for sure, but all in all, I have loved planning a wedding. I love the crafts, the dreams coming to life, the overwhelming love that has been showered on me and Reagan. We have had so many beautiful, surprising, and thoughtful gifts! I am so excited to start setting up house with my hubby. We scored a perfectly sized kitchen table last week that fit perfectly in our cozy little home. Eating dinner on it for the first time last night was so special.

When I asked Reagan what he was most excited for at the wedding besides marrying me, he said, "Seeing you in your dress." :) I can't wait to marry him; I fall more in love with him every day. God has blessed me abundantly.

Talk to you after the honeymoon!