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Tabs' Blog

North County Fires

Tabitha Helms

My house is between two fires and we haven't received an evacuation, but figured we'd pack up just in case we do get a call. Usually when you receive a call to evacuate, there's no time to grab anything. I felt overwhelmed and panicked when I brought a big box (that had just arrived in the mail with lovely wedding gifts!) into my room to fill it. I had no idea where to start. But as I scanned each area of my room, I didn't see many things that were so important to me that I had to have them. All these things that are 'necessary' in my daily life, I felt completely detached from and passed them over. My wedding dress, proposal shoes, file box, essential oils, Apple products, and photo albums were the only things that made the cut.


It's amazing how material possessions seem less important when an emergency is before you. I have my health. I have my family. My fiancé is safe on a business trip (never been more thankful for those than I am now!). My puppy is with her grandparents and uncles 2 hours away. Even when the thought crossed my mind of all my wedding stuff getting burned up, I still was able to recognize that not having those things will not stop me from marrying my love. I am so blessed compared to so many.

I thought about how many people were watching their homes burning down, the firemen working tirelessly against the wind and the drought to contain so many fires without reinforcements, the people who had no time to even think what might be important to take, and the many stuck in traffic trying desperately to get to safety. It was enough to remove my panic and once again get on my knees and pray.

Jesus, please give strength to the firefighters. Protect the people in traffic from getting into car accidents and provide them with a safe way. Keep families safe and together. Calm the winds and bring us rain. Bring peace and comfort to those who have lost much. Let this be over soon.