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Tabs' Blog

Parenting a Puppy

Tabitha Helms

A few weeks ago, my fiancé decided to give me the best wedding gift ever--a warm, cuddly bundle of puppy love. Although we attempted to talk each other out of it for a few hours, it was love at first snuggle and we jumped into the joys of parenting a puppy--the lack of sleep, the potty training, the money draining, the doctor visits, etc. Although it hasn't always been easy, Scout is the cutest little thing in the world, and I love her to pieces. I'm so glad we got her. I love the way she gets the hiccups after she eats.

I love the way she curls up on my feet while I do the dishes.

I love the way she plays with her big 'brother,' Gipper.

I love how she wriggles all over with excitement when I get home from work.

I love how she naps on the couch with me.

I love how she sits down in the middle of a walk when she sees people--expecting to be pet.

I love how groggy she is when she wakes up.

I love how she completely freezes in the middle of play and races outside when nature calls.

I love how she wants to be near me all the time.

I love how she is so eager to please.

I love how quickly she learned how to sit, and how adorable it is.

When I'm exhausted from her waking me up every half hour all night long, when I'm nursing a cut on my finger where she nibbled, when I'm cleaning up poop from my car, I can't help thinking that this is preparing me for parenthood. No, I don't think owning a puppy is the same thing as having a baby, but I do think we are getting a taste of what that will be like--the sleep, the poop, the crying, the worrying, the scars. It may have convinced me to wait a little longer to jump into that with a child, but I will say that even amidst the difficulties, she's still the cutest puppy in the world, and she's all mine.

I love her. I just can't help it.