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Tabs' Blog

Love Is

Tabitha Helms

Love is leaving hidden notes all over the house to be delightfully discovered during the week of his absence.

Love is subscribing to my Facebook and blog posts in order to always be 'in the know' of what is going on in my life, even though he's probably already heard it.

Love is learning together what it means to be a family.

Love is swing, salsa, and foxtrot.

Love is sharing everything about our day--triumphs, trials, excitement, and frustration--listening and praying about it together.

Love is deciding on a church home and serving together in it.

Love is hanging out with my friends and including me with his.

Love is patiently teaching me how to give the right commands and be 'the boss' of a very large, very loving, white German Shepherd.

Love is finding apps that will benefit me as a teacher that I can share with my colleagues.

Love is searching for board games that everyone in my family will like to play.

Love is taking turns sharing holidays with each others' families to let us see what made those times special to both of us growing up.

Love is the thoughtfulness behind a gift I wouldn't have bought for myself in a million years.

Love is whispering dreams for the future.

Love is experienced because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19