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Tabs' Blog

All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand

Tabitha Helms

The lines of this hymn have been stuck in my head this week: "On Christ the solid rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand."

Witnessing heartbreak in the lives of various people I know has been troubling to see lately. No one ever wishes hurt on someone, especially hurt that involves the heart, which is so core to who we are. It's always interesting to see the different reactions that take place--those that are healthy and those that aren't.

I've been saddened at the ones that have sunk into a pit of despair--not wishing to continue on without that which was lost. It brought up a rather serious discussion: what are  you building your life on?

It comes down to the reality that nothing in this life is certain. The door may open to a great, dream career, but they may go bankrupt and you might lose your job. You may spend many wonderful years being married to someone who loves you deeply, but they may get brain damage in a car accident and change drastically. You may win the lottery and get to buy a beautiful, house and trade in your old car for a new one, but you might be left feeling empty and wanting more.

Our society is always looking for the next best thing, which in and of itself is very unstable. It causes things to constantly change around us and encourages us to keep moving on. But the truth is, we can't build our hope on any of these things. Even if good does come out of it, we're not guaranteed that it will continue.

I can't place all my hope on my upcoming marriage. I'm sure it will be awesome in many ways, but it's not what I want to live for. A marriage like anything else is going to have ups and downs. It's not going to fulfill every need that I ever have. Placing my hope in my husband to satisfy all of my needs is quite a big, and rather unfair burden to place on him.

There is only one who is solid enough of a foundation to put all our hope into. He is the only one who will satisfy every need to the fullest degree. Only He is dependable and trustworthy enough to never let us down. When all else that we hope for has faded away or brought some level of disappointment (because people and things will always lead to disappointment in one way or another), there is one who remains.

Life cannot be built on the shaky foundations we try to build it on. They will shift and change. You will, like these others, sink into a pit of despair when what your hope was placed in is gone. Only Jesus can hold us up. Only He can provide a solid foundation that will never break. He gives us reason to live and reason to hope. We cannot do life any other way.

Take a good look at your life; what are you putting your hope in?