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Tabs' Blog

Love is

Tabitha Helms

Love is when he belts out guilty pleasure songs in the car at the top of his lungs and with his best vocal impersonations--completely unashamed in front of me. Love is when he expresses happiness that the guy got the girl at the end of a chick flick that he watched (and enjoyed!) with me.

Love is when he asks forgiveness when it was me that was in the wrong.

Love is when he calls me every single day--even just for one minute because he knows the sound of his voice lifts my spirits when he's away and helps sustain me until he's again by my side.

Love is when he vocally exudes his eagerness to make me his wife.

Love is when he takes an interest in wedding planning--when he joins in on checking things off the to-do list and imagining other elements of greatness.

Love is when he reaches over, holds my hand, and says "I love you" at the end of a disagreement.

Love is knowing I've found the man I want to commit to being by the side of for the rest of my life.