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Tabs' Blog

I'm engaged! Say what?!?!

Tabitha Helms

It's true, true, true! I, who have been playing second mommy to a class full of kindergartners every week and who have been Pinteresting away all my fabulous ideas for the unknown wedding of the future, have a HUGE rock on my skinny little finger! Here it is folks, the ooey gooey details of the most clever and creative and surprising proposal of all time:

March 23rd was our 1 year anniversary. I was so happy and excited all week about it. I know that God brought Reagan into my life for the best of all reasons, and I was eager to celebrate the wonderful year we've had together. He had already told me he thought we should revisit the locations of our first date, which I thought was terribly romantic of him to suggest. So we went to Pierview Coffee in Oceanside and got some coffee drinks while we sat and took turns answering questions in a journal that he made for me as one of my anniversary gifts.

He stopped me in the middle of journaling and suggested we go walk on the pier. I suspected nothing, and was just happy to go along and enjoy being together wherever we were. He kept steering me to certain places, stopping randomly, commenting on random things, which looking back I can now understand why and think how odd that must have been, but as I said, I was completely oblivious! It was a PERFECT day at the beach, I was wearing a lovely new dress, I was holding hands with the man I love, and we were celebrating a special day. Life was good.

He asked me to answer one of the questions from the book verbally as we walked. It was, "What was your favorite memory of this past year?" A few different ones came to mind...times together, Disneyland, playing games with his brothers, family game nights with mine, double dates, etc. They were all my favorites for different reasons. I protested that I didn't have just one favorite, so he told me to tell him a few.


So I began by sharing about the time we were walking his dog by the beautiful and unique homes by the beach in Oceanside and we were pointing out what we liked and didn't like about them. After talking on that for a while, he paused as if debating if he was going to say the next thing on his mind. He did and announced, "I'm going to buy you a house someday." I was a little breathless from that statement; it was the first time since we started dating that he had made a declaration that housed on the assumption of marriage. I tried to play cool and said, "Oh really? Well you'll have to buy me something shiny first." He said he was going to do that too.

As soon as I finished sharing that memory, he said, "Well, speaking of that," and guided me over to the side of the pier where no one was standing. He got an excited look on his face and said he couldn't wait to give me his next gift. I was excited too, just because it was a gift, and I knew he'd been working on "projects" for me all week--still no clue. He pulled a pink, wrapped box from his backpack and handed it to me, commenting on the pink paper. I laughed and said he never owned pink wrapping paper until he met me.


I opened the box, and saw a converse shoebox. I immediately knew they were yellow converse because he's hinted at buying them for me someday since I told him once I kinda wanted to wear yellow chucks to my wedding. He didn't really like that idea, but consented that it was "my" wedding, and I could do whatever I wanted. I opened the cover and saw there was writing all over them, which made me a little confused and curious. I wanted to pull them out and read what they said, but before I could start, he pulled the box out of my hands and said, "This gift comes with a question." Still feeling very confused, I asked, "Oh really? What's that?" To which he responded by getting down on one knee. I thought he was trying to be funny, but I didn't think it was very funny. He knew I wanted to marry him, and here he was on his knee giving me shoes instead of a ring!


Me: "What are you doing??" Reagan: "I'm proposing to you." Me: "No, you're not." Reagan, chuckling: "Yes, I am."


He uncovered the toe of the shoe from the tissue paper and I saw it said, "Will you marry me?" and a ring was tied to the shoelaces. I was in shock and went into "Oh my gosh!" mode with tears springing to my eyes. I said yes and there were kisses and hugs and he put the most beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind ring on my finger.




His friend from work whom he had enlisted to be in stealth mode to take pictures of us appeared and took some more shots of us around the beach. It was surreal. I was so surprised. I knew he was going to propose eventually, but he threw me off the trail pretty good!


We spent the rest of the day calling family and friends and sitting in amazement looking at that gorgeous ring on my finger that was just for me!