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Tabs' Blog

New Year's Resolutions

Tabitha Helms

I'm excited for 2013. I don't think I've ever been more excited for an upcoming year. Maybe it was because I got to spend New Year's Eve with the special man whose presence in my life the past 9 months has given me more joy than I could have ever anticipated. For five years I waited for God to bring him to me, and now he's finally here. I couldn't be happier to have him to share in the grand adventures of this upcoming year. It was neat to talk about our hopes and dreams and goals for 2013--to pray together over it and to share in each others' excitement for it. I know God has great plans for me this year, and I'm thrilled to watch them unfold. I think I should just call these "goals" instead of "resolutions." That's all that they look like to me, and I'm a very goal-oriented person, so maybe I'll actually manage to do them all. ;) I wanted to list them out for myself so I can look back at the end of 2013, and make sure I completed them!

1) Read through the Bible chronologically. 

(I found a great website that had a ton of different Bible reading plans to print out based on what you're looking to do exactly. I have read it through cover to cover before and wanted to do something different. I saw one for chronological, which I thought would be fascinating to better piece together who was alive at what time and see the historical picture of it.)

2) Finish reading the Harry Potter series.

(I made it up to book 5 a few years ago and was so distraught at the ending that I chucked it to the side and refused to read any more. Well, that emotion has passed, and I'd now like to finish it.) ;)

3) Have better posture. 

(The pain in my back, shoulders, and neck has greatly increased each month it seems. A lot of the problem is that that's where I carry all my stress at work. If I had money to get massages as needed, I would be going every 2-3 days. It's ridiculous. I decided that my horrible posture probably doesn't help with this problem, and have resolved to starting sitting and standing up straighter. So if you see me slouching, please feel free to remind me of this goal.)

4) Be more diligent about balancing my checkbook.

(I do this every other week when I get a new paycheck, but I know that if I enter in my purchases the same day that I make them, then I wouldn't have to spend as much time on it, and I probably wouldn't have quite as many occasions in which my numbers are off somehow. I've been lazy and have been saying I'll get better at this when I have an iPhone and can download an app where I can enter it in right away, but I've still got to get through till June when my contract is up, so I'm starting now.)

5) Learn how to make the perfect hash browns.

(My boyfriend loves perfect hash browns--nice and crispy, which I agree is the only way to eat them. However, every attempt I have ever made with this has failed miserably. So, it is my goal this year, to learn how to make the perfect hash browns. I've found some promising recipes with tricks, that I have saved to my Pinterest so I can learn. We shall see!)

I seem to keep thinking of other things I'd like to do, so I may add more later for my own benefit, but there they are, and there they'll stay. Here's to 2013--a year of exciting new prospects and opportunities! May this year bring hope and peace to all who ask God for it.

New Years Eve