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Tabs' Blog

A Tribute to Five Friendships

Tabitha Helms

Friendships are funny things in the way that they come about. Sometimes it doesn't make sense why they last as long as they do or why they didn't begin when it was more convenient. But friendships are a treasure. I challenge you to pick 5 friends in your life and think about how you met. Give thanks to the Lord for deeming it necessary for you to have the sweet companionship of good friends. Here's what I came up with: Nicole Nicole is the longest friend I've had. We met in 1st grade at Tri-City Christian School. Even from a young age when the most excitement we faced at school was going to the pumpkin patch, we loved being friends and experiencing those things together. We somehow managed to be in the same class from 1st through 5th grade. Those five years were enough to keep our friendship at a solid base, and we stayed the best of friends to this current day. We've experienced traveling, late night toilet paper wars, worship team harmonization, high school sweethearts, college graduations, accountability meetings, and minimum wage, summer jobs together. Nicole and I are complete opposites, and somehow we still manage to be great friends--making up for what the other is lacking. ;) I had the blessed opportunity to be her maid-of-honor in her recent marriage. It was such a special day that I will always remember and cherish being a part of.

Farah Farah and I met at MiraCosta College. We were both trying out for Chamber Chorale, and I remember her sitting next to me and introducing herself. I'm so glad she had the courage to talk to me even though we didn't know each other because the rest is history! We were so inseparable that Shep, our choir teacher, couldn't get us to stand anywhere except next to each other because our tone when we were in that position was so much better than if we were standing apart and singing next to someone else. We went on a choir tour in Bakersfield together and hung out with our MC5 crew. We were roommates, and were both Christians who were uninterested in participating in a lot of the stuff going on on that trip...ahem. We managed to score the publicity, city bus picture when we worked together at MCC, both minored in music, and have remained close friends to this day, enjoying last minute picnics and bike rides before she moves to Amsterdam.

Mary Ann Mary Ann and I met when I moved to Orange County to get my BA at CSUF. The church I plugged into was Ev Free Fullerton because they had a college ministry. I joined a small group through it and was placed in a group with Mary Ann. It was an eclectic group of people, thrown together for a short year, who participated in things like Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas parties. The funny thing was that Mary Ann and I never hung out with each other or really talked outside of small group. We seemed to have similar personalities and we had small mentions of praying for each other specifically through the week when we were going through similar things, but specifics were kept to ourselves. Our relationship stayed this way until I moved back home to Oceanside and she stayed living in Orange County. I remember her telling me she loved San Diego and wanted to come down and visit me. After some visits and a short discovery of our love for Disneyland, we saw each other about once a month--mostly at Disneyland. :) She has become one of my closest friends. I'm so excited to sing at her wedding next month!

Andra Andra and I had mutual friends for a couple years. Our moms were even friends with each other from Moms in Touch. But we had never met! Then, via our mothers, we learned that we were both transferring from our community colleges to the same school in Fullerton into the same exact major. It was destiny. We had to be friends now. We finally got together and clicked right away! It was a huge blessing to have someone I knew at my huge, commuter school who was in some of my same classes. We suffered through endless lectures, tests that made us want to pull our hair out, Christmas potlucks and study sessions with the Liberal Studies Student Association, and hours of field experience. We got to sit together at graduation and receive our diplomas in front of our friends and family. I was so sad when we parted ways for our credential programs and I returned home while she stayed in Fullerton. I don't get to see her nearly as much as I'd like to now.

Erica Erica and I met via a guy I was dating. She went to the same church as he did, and once when I accompanied him, we were introduced. We didn't meet again until the first day of Student Ambassador training at MiraCosta College. We sat across the room from each other, and on our break to mingle, she came over and asked who I was dating. She recalled us meeting, and we soon became better friends. We enjoyed working together at MCC, and kept in touch when we parted ways to transfer. We graduated the same year, and both went on to begin new adventures in our career paths. I deeply regret that we live hours away now, and that our lives are too busy to keep in touch regularly. But when I do get to see her and talk to her, it is such a joy. I love her dearly and treasure the time I get to spend with her. We both are going through the same emotions of our best friends from grade school getting married as well as our siblings getting married. Not too many people can say that in the same year, but we can!

I love my friends! I'm so thankful that despite the strange circumstances that bring us together or the amount of time that passes before we finally become friends when we should have been friends long before, by the grace of God, I can call them my friends today.