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Tabs' Blog

Christmas Rambles

Tabitha Helms

I was petsitting today, and they had a lovely piano that I had a chance to practice on for my upcoming performance for Christmas Eve. Each year I'm assigned the task of finding a new Christmas song to sing at the service. I absolutely adore this opportunity and do my best to find a new song the year prior so that I'm ready to go. This year, I decided to tackle the task of playing piano for the first time while I sing. It will definitely be an adventure. I'm praying I don't ruin the whole thing by hitting too many wrong notes and completely freezing from nerves. I've been trying to introduce the songs before I perform them to give everyone some background or something to chew on while I present the lyrics to them. I was contemplating what to say for this song, Winter Snow and thought a good blog ramble might help me sort my thoughts about it all.

You see, the song is about Jesus coming quietly into the world. There was no hoopla or parade. He wasn't born into a palace with royal subjects anxiously waiting to hear the news that he had made his appearance. There was nothing about his birth that gave the idea that he would be a great warrior coming to fight against the Romans for the freedom the Jews had been waiting for. He was not born into a family that had position and power for him to grow up in. More than that, this soft birth went unnoticed by many because it was just ordinary.

I'm reminded that God often takes our expectations of what we think will happen or want to happen and he does something completely different. It may even seem just awful at the time it's happening. From Mary's perspective, a young girl who faced accusations of infidelity and had to travel far away while very pregnant and have a baby in awful conditions of a cave smelling of manure and dirt. From my perspective, my dreams of musicianship were destroyed when given rejection from the schools I applied to for music. I was in the middle of transferring and was suddenly without a future.

But what did God do with those surprising circumstances? Turned them around. Took something small like an ordinary baby and turned it into the greatest love sacrifice known to man. Took a ruined hope of stardom and turned it into a discovery of passion for teaching.

God doesn't always call for loud trumpets and announcements for what he's going to do. Sometimes he sends the message quietly, softly, and sticks it in a manger.