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Tabs' Blog

No More Princesses

Tabitha Helms

I went and saw Disney's latest princess movie, Tangled, last night. I had had several people tell me they thought of me when they saw it and knew I would love it. So on a whim, I went with some girlfriends to the movies last night. We saw it in 3D because that was the only way it was playing. I still don't understand 3D very much. There were two moments in the movie that I was aware of the 3D and it looked pretty cool. But I don't know what the big hullabaloo is about. I absolutely adored the movie. Even at age 22, I'm a sucker for princess fairy tales. That was why I was particularly distressed to hear that Disney has decided to end the era of the princess stories. They won't be making any more of them, not because they're out of ideas, but because they don't want to make movies that cater only to little girls. I personally think that is ridiculous. Look around Disneyland and tell me how many girls you see in princess dresses. If they were thinking only of sales, I think it's sensible to keep the princess thing going. Maybe I just like wearing pretty dresses more than the average woman though so I would be more prone to advocate its continuation.

I see some sense in not wanting to always portray women as weak and dependent on men. Hopefully we aren't dependent on men, otherwise those of us who are single would be screwed.

I also see the side of how Disney fairy tales have given girls unrealistic expectations of romance and happily ever afters. However, who wants to go see a movie that leaves you depressed at how much life can suck? Movies are supposed to be an escape from reality. I remember learning the role of movies during the Great Depression. Life was just awful at that time, people could use a spare nickel to be removed from the sadness and instead laugh and feel good. Tangled had me laughing. It had me smiling and pretending it was my story. True, the return to reality isn't always fun, but I wouldn't give up those fairy tale moments for anything. I'm a hopeless romantic, what can I say? I personally believe all girls are princesses and they should feel treasured. It's not our fault that many fail to do so. My grocery store moment from last week comes to mind when a mom was pushing her cart past me and the little girl sitting in the basket said about me, "Mommy, she looks like a princess!" What woman doesn't feel delighted inside to hear such a comment, feminist or not?

Each new article I read about it just gets me more and more furious! Read this quote from Times LIVE, ""Does a seven-year-old girl really need a tiara and ballgown? Could she possibly find useful role models for herself in these animated princess movies? In Snow White and the Seven Dwarves a vindictive stepmother ditches Snow White in the forest, where she must live as a housekeeper to seven dwarves. To make things worse, Snow White is nearly killed by a poisoned apple, sent by her stepmother, but she survives because a handsome prince knocks the apple out of her throat. She is a stereotypical victim of abuse." Are you for real??? Can everyone please stop reading into every story? Stop finding some remote detail to proclaim as preposterous and just enjoy the simplicity of the romance. Tell me please, can a seven year old have an imagination? Is that a crime? Why are we stomping out imaginative dreams? When we grow up we can understand reality. Childhood is a gift. I don't think we need to force children to grow up any faster than they already do. I'm a current victim of a person feeling pushed to move forward by my society. I have to go to college, I have to go to grad school, I have to get a career, I have to get married. HURRY UP! There's no time to waste, I must only surround myself with useful activities to further the society and better myself. Oh please, take me back to Neverland. I am so over this pressure.

I love my Disneyland pass and the magic they create; however, I am not a fan of this recent removal of the happy ending dreams.