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Tabs' Blog


Tabitha Helms

It's funny how easily I let my perspective change. More often than not that perspective is changed to one that looks at the negative. Satan loves to get a foothold there and I get stuck in the rut of the bad stuff happening. This morning I woke up completely worn out, not ready for a day of two back-to-back work shifts. I just want to sleep forever. I had all sorts of dreams about the stuff I went to bed thinking about that seemed to hover in a little cloud over my head when I actually got up. I spent the morning worrying about the negative things and feeling sick as a result. The day just seemed to be getting worse with each minute that passed. I considered the positive perspective of the situation but couldn't seem to apply it personally. So, I did what usually helps in these moments--put on some worship music. Gungor is in my cd player right now, so I skipped to Ancient Skies and could feel the peace course through my body. It was beautiful. "Creation cries, so will I. 'You're amazing!!!'" My problems are so small. There is no cause to even consider them. How easily I lose sight of what's important. I am in love with Jesus. That's what matters. He's so amazing! He knows what he's doing in my life even when I don't. He's trustworthy. Who am I to fear? [youtube=]