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Tabs' Blog

Summer Slips Away

Tabitha Helms

What a blessing these past few weeks have been! My summer vacation always takes place after classes are over and before mid-June when my day camp job begins. That time is always packed full with hanging out, trying new adventures, and being with friends. It has been one of the best vacations ever! Partially, the freedom of being done with my undergrad just adds a whole new feeling of relief. Also, moving home has been wonderful. Reinvesting myself with the people I love and whom I have missed so much these past two years of only being in and out of their lives as I'm away at school. This summer is bittersweet spending time with them, knowing God is asking me to leave soon. But I'm praying that the ones who are really my friends will not be deterred by my lack of presence at their church service and will still be an important part of my life in the future. Overall, God has been bringing me so much joy in the fellowship of my brothers and sisters, in being back home with my family, in helping me learn to face my fears and get out of my comfort zone, and in asking me to trust him with the things I'm scared to let go of. There is joy in all these things because I know they will all help shape my character into something of God more beautiful than I could imagine. Here's a glimpse at some of the fun I've been having on my vacation:

*Sigh, it has been such a great time with lots of other adventures like beach days, girl dates, Redeeming Love lunches, surf lessons, and spa days. I'll be sorry to see it all go.