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Tabs' Blog

The Girl Who Rises to Meet Him

Tabitha Helms

A while ago a friend gave me a CD with a mix of incredibly awesome songs. It's one of those that you're driving along, and you take a deep breath and let the music sink into every part of your being. My car is my music haven. I just love to turn up the music, block out the noise of my busy life, and sing my heart out in thankfulness to God for giving me a voice to use. There's a song on the CD that has one line that captures my attention every time. If I've zoned a bit listening to the music, this one line brings me back and shakes me into attention. It stirs something inside of me and although I can't understand most of what he says in the verses, I have fallen in love with the song.

The problem with mixed CDs is I never know who sings the songs I'm listening to unless I remember to look up the lyrics after I drive home, which isn't something I remember to do very often. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was at a John Mark McMillan concert last night, and he introduced a song he wrote about when we go to heaven at the end of the world. For some reason when I'd heard this song before and couldn't understand much of the lyrics of the verse, the vibe it produces and some of the strange combinations of wording used made me think of the battle at the end of the world and the gathering of believers to go up to heaven to be with God. John Mark taught us the chorus, and I was shocked to discover that it was the very song I had been listening to on my CD. It was beautiful to listen to it again in a concert setting with the live music sweeping across the room, separating me into my own worship with God. When the one line came, all I could do was reach up to God and plead with him to one day make it true for me.

"For the blood of a husband silences wars for the girl who rises to meet him."

Something about this makes me feel so empowered. Maybe I'm interpreting it completely wrong, but when I hear this, I get a picture of a huge battle waging, and in that battle there is a husband fighting with every ounce of strength he has in him for the woman he loves. And this woman is not just any woman. She is one that is empowered by her husband's sacrifice for her that she steps up in the face of the danger and meets the challenge. The song continues, "And she sings, 'World, I have overcome you. World, I have overcome you. World, I have overcome by my song and the blood of a son.'" She tells herself that she has overcome because she knows she is supported by the love of her husband, and by reminding herself of this truth she has the courage to step up and follow through. She is moved to action by the blood of her husband, another's son.

What a picture of the love God has for his bride!! He enters courageously into battle to fight for those he loves. Satan is defeated by Christ's love and sacrifice for his bride, the church. And we, as the bride, should be moved to action. We should rise and meet him in battle, follow his lead, and have courage in the face of the danger.

In church this weekend we talked about how we can describe God as unstoppable and since God is in us, we can be described as unstoppable. Yet many of us realized that we believe we are stoppable. I held back tears of frustration in my prayer time after the message. I don't want to be stoppable. I want to be aware of God's power in my life. I want to be moved by that power to act so Satan cannot stop me from being the woman of God that I'm meant to be. I want my life to be a true reflection of what God has done in me so that I can share that with others. God yearns for his people and wants us to take part in bringing them to him. I don't think I do that like I should because I believe myself to be stoppable. I thought about what holds me back, and I came up with fear. It always seems to come back to fear. But there was some encouragement for me in that this time because I've noticed how God has been moving me to face many of my fears recently. I was encouraged that maybe God is bringing me to a place where I can be ready to rise when he calls me to meet him. I know there is a desire for that deep in my soul; it's why my heart stirs in me so by that single line. I want to go; I want to be so empowered by the love of Christ that I can stand up and face danger and fight to overcome the world by his side with the knowledge of his sacrifice.