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Tabs' Blog

Happily Ever After

Tabitha Helms

What happened to "happily ever after?" It used to be that one could pop in a chick flick and end the night on a high point where Cinderella met and married the man of her dreams and all the trials leading up to that point were validated when they lived happily ever after. Not so today. I think all of the recent movies that have been put out that draw me in when I see the happy, love-filled trailers have all been complete let-downs. The happily ever after no longer exists. Are we becoming such realists that we cannot allow ourselves the luxury of enjoying our dreams and not giving up on them? Movies are supposed to be an escape from reality. On the one hand, I understand that fairy tales have given girls an incorrect pile of expectations and assumptions about how their lives are going to turn out. There are no prince charmings with perfect smiles, manners, and 100% compatibility. But as a girl that has lived for fairy tales and imagined up my perfect wedding, knight, and happy ending I find these movies to be far from refreshing. I don't see what's wrong with having dreams as long as we are willing to give them up if God asks us to. God puts desires in our hearts, and I believe he wants to fulfill those. I think the key in this is being content in whatever God asks us to do with them. I am content with where God has me right now. He asked me to be okay with his plan and trust that he has my best in mind. I did give those things up, and I am content. It doesn't mean I don't want some of my dreams anymore. It just means I'm content to wait for God to show me how he's going to use my desires for a better purpose someday.

After watching a not so happy ending movie yesterday and reading some more of Nicholas Sparks' book where I have a dreaded feeling that the happy ending is not to be, I was not filled with a deep seated happiness knowing that God's plan will work out for the best, which is how I feel after watching a real chick flick. I understand reality. We live in it. It's necessary to accept. It doesn't mean that's what we find entertaining. So feeling sad and despondent at the missing happy endings I had my quiet time with God. I talked to him about my desires. I asked him to be the one that satisfies and loves me and is with me for my happy ending. The words of Tenth Avenue North sprung to my mind in response:

"You're my beloved. Lover, I'm yours. Death shall not part us. It's you I'd die for."

It was exactly what I needed to hear. I know I've said this before, but the ultimate expression of love in those happily ever after tales is when he is willing to die for her, when he puts himself in danger to save her. Jesus did just that. He loved me enough to spare me from my own death by giving his own life. The nice thing about this song is that unlike a real wedding that vows to be true until death do us part, death did not part me and Jesus. He's still as close and as loving as ever. He still romances and pursues and serves me. He still takes the lead and asks me to follow with a trusting heart. It's such a beautiful expression of love. Like I said before, I'm falling in love again. No chick flick could even come close to this happily ever after.