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Tabs' Blog

When I Look at You

Tabitha Helms

Whoever writes the lyrics to Miley’s songs for her movies is my new favorite person. The words are so beautiful and glimpse into such truths. I realized this week that popular love songs can often be sung about God. He is the Author of Romance, and I have found He desires so much for me to love him with as much reckless abandon as He has for me. So with Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching and my heart full with thankfulness for my True Love, I share with you what these lyrics speak to my heart. Everybody needs inspiration Everybody needs a song Beautiful melody, when the night’s so long Cause there is no guarantee That this life is easy (Yeah) What would life be if there was nothing that inspired us—no people for us to look up to, no circumstances that made us want to sing at the top of our lungs? When I think of being inspired, it is most often by creation and by language. When the leaves of autumn create a patchwork of colors against the blue sky high over my head, when I glimpse the first signs of life in a place that has been blackened by a devastating fire, when I sit in a darkened room with a child cuddled up against my chest, head nodding and eyes drooping, when I experience the closeness of family, when I hear the words to a song like this one, I can’t help but feel inspired. Trials do prevail in this life—they always will, and what is it that pulls us through? It is the blessings God has given us—the things that bring inspiration back into the picture to cause us to take a deep breath and press on.

When my world is falling apart When there’s no light to break up the dark That’s when I, I (I) look at you There have been days when I felt my heart could not break anymore than it already had, when the things I found to be stable and secure were no longer there, when love was gone, when grandparents had passed, when sickness raged and stole a piece of a life it had no right to. I looked out into the darkness, and my faint heart wondered at how the world could have gone so wrong. And though at first I resisted, I eventually turned my face to look at the God who saves.

When the waves are flooding the shore and I Can’t find my way home anymore That’s when I, I (I) look at you

This part of the chorus reminds me of Peter. Things had seemed so secure in the boat, but his heart yearned to be closer to his Savior. So he moved forward and took a chance. Then the waves surrounded and for one small moment he was lost and had no idea where he was supposed to be going in the first place. How often do I take my eyes off of my Lord and wonder how I got myself into the midst of such danger. Thankfully, Jesus has never left and is there to reach out His hand to keep me from sinking into my alarmed thoughts, and again I can look at Him and trust all will be well.

When I look at you I see forgiveness, I see the truth You love me for who I am Like the stars hold the moon Right there where they belong and I know I’m not alone (Yeah)

Man, I love this verse! How true is it?! When I look at the face of God, I am overwhelmed by the forgiveness, the truth, and the love. Though I fail him he takes me back with such joy and cleans my slate once again, knowing full-well it won’t be the last time. When I look at the face of God I am reminded of what is true—that He is in control, that I can trust Him, that no matter how far I run, I cannot go anywhere without His presence. He loves me for exactly who I am—the young woman full of fears and trust issues, who catches a glimpse of beauty and runs for it only to fall and begin to doubt. He loves that girl. I don’t have to achieve perfection before coming before His presence. He wants me to come exactly as I am and bask in His glorious love. He will never leave me alone.

You appear just like a dream to me Just like a kaleidoscope colors that cover me All I need every breath that I breathe Don’t you know you’re beautiful (Yeah, yeah) God does seem like a dream sometimes. He is so perfect, how can He possibly exist? But where would we be without His perfection? It is His perfection that saved us. And I know in the end that He is all I ever need. My breath, the very essence of my life is filled with His goodness, and beauty, and love.

Now if that isn’t the most romantic love story you’ve ever heard, then you don’t know what you’re missing.