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Tabs' Blog

It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got that Swing.

Tabitha Helms

I love swing dancing. It's my favorite thing ever. It makes me so happy. I have found myself comfortable in there. I have fun. I can't stop smiling because I love to dance. It's so freeing. Some guys are really easy to follow, which makes me feel like I'm doing really well. I can't say enough about it. Love at first sight. Anyway, I went to Rock Harbor for the continuation of the Lindy Hop lesson and some social dancing afterwards. I was dancing with a guy and we were talking and one song just went into the next and we kept going and he suddenly stops what he's saying and apologized for not asking me if he could have that next dance. I thought it was the sweetest, most gentlemanly thing to do. And that's when I got to thinking about how swing dancing, and any dancing popular in the past is a reflection and an encouragement to the way roles are supposed to be.

Think about it, the man leads and the girl follows. He makes a decision about where he wants her to go and offers to bring her along. She has a decision to take it or go a different direction. If he's a good leader, she will take it and go where he asks. God put men at the head of the household. Women offer support and can assist in making sure he's making the right decisions. It also trains guys to be gentlemen--to ask for permission.

So, you can see swing is more than just a fun evening, it's more than some good exercise, it's more than an evening out. It's a glimpse of what I think our society has forgotten. It's a taste of the roles God wants us to step into where the woman is not less than a man because she has the power to say no and to offer alternative direction, but where a man moves first and looks to the woman for affirmation. One compliments the other. They both work together.

It's late, and this probably doesn't flow as nice as I'd like it to. All I know is that I hope my future husband dances.  I think these are important qualities, and I want to share my love for swing with him. :)