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Tabitha Helms

I have known Paige for a few years now. She has become a mentor to me, musically, spiritually, and emotionally. I have shared many a prayer with her and excited secret over a cup of tea or coffee at Vinaka as we studied the Bible and challenged each other's spiritual walk. It has been a wonderful thing to have the inside scoop on the developing love story between Paige and Matt, and to attend their wedding tonight was filled with so much joy and excitement. Of course there were tears too--I always cry at weddings. They're just too beautiful for words. Sometimes tears are the only thing that do it justice. Seeing Paige looking stunning in her dress that didn't look like ever other wedding dress with the curls resting on her shoulders and tied back with a gorgeous flower attached to a flowing veil, took my breath away. Their ceremony included participation from those in attendance, as we all lit candles together--the kind at Christmas Eve services--before they lit their unity candle. Matt's sisters got up to read Bible passages also, which I thought was a nice addition. The decor was not overdone and flowery like most weddings are. It seemed like a simpler, more natural look. At the ends of the isles in the church were pots of leafy plants. Not bundles of flowers and ribbons, it was perfectly refreshing. Don't get me wrong, I love flowers, I think they're beautiful. I'd love nothing better than to frolick through fields of flowers, but it ws nice to see something different. And finally, at the very end, we all gathered outside to take a group picture. What a cool thing!

And the reception didn't feel awkward in any way. It was so much fun! They had a photo booth that printed out pictures and a scrapbook table for us to decorate one of the prints on a scrapbook page for Paige and Matt to keep. They didn't serve dinner. (gasp) Shocker, I know. But you know what? I liked it better that way. We weren't stuck at tables half the night, stuffing our faces. There was a chocolate fountain and lots of goodies and fruits for dipping. There was wedding cake--and it was absolutely charming. :) And there was a HOE-DOWN! It was so much fun! We were laughing, and there was a big group of us doing it, not one of those awkward begging people to dance things.

My favorite thing? The way that Paige and Matt were enjoying themselves. Yes weddings are nice, but more for the people going to see it rather than the couple getting married. It seems to pass by as a blur and an overload of stress with wanting everything to be perfect and dealing with so many things. But Paige and Matt seemed to genuinely enjoy the celebration without holding back. I LOVED that! And it made it so much more enjoyable for the rest of us. I'm eager to get together with her when she returns and find out her secret. I can only hope that if I ever do get married, that I can follow the same pattern of joyfulness in the moment. I love them so much!!