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About Me

I am a Teacher Facilitator at an amazing charter school where I get to help homeschool families have a great school year all while being a stay at home momma! Besides teaching, I love singing, going to Disneyland, Stroller Strides, crafting, cooking, reading, writing, and Pinteresting!

In July 2014, I got to marry the man of my dreams. It was a beautiful, book-themed wedding filled with laughter and friends. I absolutely love spending time with him in our comfy, cozy home with our white German Shepherd, Gipper, and Jack Russell Terrier, Scout. 

In June 2016, we welcomed our first son into the world. It was quite the birth story with a last minute breech discovery; be sure to check out THAT blog post! Judah keeps delighting us with the things he says and does in his very vocally advanced, 2 year old way.

In October 2017, we welcomed our second son to the family. It was a perfect birth and we are loving seeing Malachi develop his own personality and keep up with his big brother.

This blog is composed of my own personal thoughts. I do not speak on behalf of any other person, company, or religious affiliation. So dive in and enjoy getting to know me and my life.