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Essential Oils

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Singer's Throat Spray

Tabitha Helms

 Today, I tried to pick keys for my songs quite pathetically as my voice slid all over the scale because well, my voice hasn't been working too well this week. I did a Google search and found an angel posted a recipe for a singer's throat spray! I decided it was worth a shot and tried it out. 

I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't burn even though it had On Guard and Oregano in it. I was MORE amazed that as soon as I sprayed down the hatch I started hitting the notes. Whoa. Sign me up for this stuff! 

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Sick Days

Tabitha Helms

As a teacher, I do have a fairly good immune system as a result of being exposed to germs 5 days a week by means of "my" 5-year-olds. I thought I was amply prepared this time because I've been using Balance on my feet every morning, and remembering to take my vitamins...not to mention the extra drop of On Guard on my toothbrush with my On Guard toothpaste every morning and night. But what I didn't plan on, was catching something from my man who had just gotten off the plane where there are probably more germs than I ever come into contact with in my classroom.

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