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Essential Oils

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Essential Oils, Headaches, & Migraines

Tabitha Helms

As a high stress person who thrives on busyness and being an overachiever, I have been plagued with something known as chronic tension headaches. Basically, it's a stress-induced headache with a throbbing in the temples mostly and often at the base of the neck. I have had tension headaches every day since about college. Because they were a daily occurrence, I just accepted them and learned to live with the pain. Ibuprofin used to work, but their frequency lead to an inability to do anything more than dull the throb. That is...until I was introduced to essential oils. I've mentioned before of my skepticism when trying the oils, but the first time I tried them, I got instant results in all three areas I was attempting to heal. One of those areas was my tension headache.

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