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Hand Foot & Mouth Disease

Tabitha Helms

Yes, it happened. The dreaded HFMD that I’d only heard spoken of in hushed tones, and yes, it was as bad as everyone made it out to be. For those of you that don’t know, let me fill you in on this glorious disease.

  • Blisters that form on the hands, feet, and throat making walking and eating painful.

  • Starts as what appears to be a diaper rash — red spots in diaper area and a random, high fever.

  • Has no cure or medication “Give him Tylenol to make him comfortable” (said the Dr.)

  • You think it’s gone and two weeks later, it’s back.

  • Common in kids under 5 at the start of summer and at the end of summer.

  • Hard to get as an adult, but not impossible.

  • Spread through poop and saliva

So, imagine a crawler who puts everything in his mouth, a toddler who shares everything with his little brother, cloth diapers that they both use, and a family vacation about to be embarked on. Yes, that was us. Judah got it two days before we left. So in addition to packing, I was vigorously spraying my house from top to bottom with On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, washing clothes and dishes a gazilion times, and deep cleaning diapers and toothbrushes. Malachi came down with the symptoms on the plane ride to Colorado. Good times.

Judah mostly just had blisters on his feet and hands. Malachi’s legs were covered in lumpy, bumpy rashes. It was pure misery. Add in shared quarters for a week and a 9 month sleep regression, and that about sums up our HFMD experience.

Treat HFMD Naturally {}

Tylenol was no help, it just made my kids constipated.

Thank the good Lord above that a saint of a person recommended I try doTERRA’s new baby diaper rash cream. Not what one would think to put on a leg rash, but the very next day it was waaaaay less red. And in a couple more days, it didn’t appear to bother Kai at all.

Treating Hand Foot & Mouth Disease Naturally {}

Let me just say, that I will never be without that cream again. The best thing for me was that I had something I could actually do! No mother wants to be told, there’s no cure, just let your kid suffer through it until it’s gone. Note that the cream is thick as most natural creams are, so you can loosen it up a bit with some Fractionated Coconut Oil.