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Cleanse Complete!

Tabitha Helms

As you may have read from my last post about comparing cleanses, Reagan and I decided to do the Cleanse/Renew program this past month. We finished this week, and I'm happy to share the results! 


The important thing I retrained my mind with these past few weeks has been that health is a lifestyle not a number. It's so easy to compare the number on the scale with my pre-wedding number and define my success by that number. You know what that did? It made me frustrated, self-conscious, and embarrassed with my body. I don't call that health. 

This cleanse not only consisted of using a defensive probiotic and gastrointestinal cleansing softgels to clean out my gut and restore healthy flora to my digestive system, daily protein shakes to ensure I had breakfast every morning, zendocrine oil and Detoxification Blend to maintain my endocrine system and eating habits, but I also went a step further and worked out at least 3 times a week (usually more), and began clean eating. Following a system of supplements is not difficult for me. The last two, which I believe are crucial for a healthy lifestyle are my challenges. My sweet tooth found healthy ways to satisfy cravings, but I still missed milk chocolate and bread. And choosing to work out for 30 minutes after standing on my feet all day teaching and cooking dinner was a battle every time. It's really hard to work out when you don't like to work out and when you're starting it off already exhausted. But I did it.

The result? I lost 2 inches on my waist and 3 lbs off the scale. When I focus on just the number, I feel bummed out. That's nothing compared to what other people boast of after they cleanse. But here's the thing, if I focus on the number and compare myself to others who have different bodies than I do, I miss out on a whole lot that happened as a result of this cleanse. I always felt proud of myself after finishing a work out and choosing fruit or veggies as a snack. My body felt better. My stress acne cleared up. My (how shall I say this tastefully...) time in the restroom became more normal than it had been. I built muscle by weight lifting. I had more energy from eating breakfast every morning and wasn't hungry as quickly before lunchtime. I drank more water to keep hydrated. The numbers can be deceptive when those things are happening.

When I shifted the focus to my overall health, I saw myself in a much more positive light. Maybe I don't have the flat stomach everyone seems to want. Maybe I don't have toned arms and legs. Maybe I looked better in my swimsuit before my newlywed pounds came. But my husband thinks I'm hot, I'm not thinking negatively about myself, and I don't struggle with an eating disorder or compulsive exercising. 

I'm glad I was able to use the Cleanse/Renew Program to help recharge my body and get rid of the toxins for a fresh start. I'm happy with me, and I'm happy with my better habits. Good things don't usually come the easy way, but we're much better off when we push for them instead of settling for the status quo. 

Feeling good after finishing my cleanse! Yay for total body health! Healthy lifestyle for the win!

Feeling good after finishing my cleanse! Yay for total body health! Healthy lifestyle for the win!