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Essential Oils

Singer's Throat Spray

Tabitha Helms

Singer's Throat Spray

Here I am again, sick. Lord, help me! The school year is almost over and my immune system is obviously plumb tuckered out. Whatever disease these sick students of mine have been coming down with is apparently one that wants to be shared. 

This time around, it has been a migraine (on my birthday AND a field trip day, mind you), turned into a nose cold, turned into a throat tickle that makes me cough when I open my mouth. You can imagine my despair as a teacher for the latter. I took the day off today to rest and have been taking my oils regularly!

Last night's aid for a tightness in my chest and the tickle? Cardamom on my feet, Eucalyptus and Cypress on my chest, and Melaleuca (tonight I'll add Sandalwood, thanks to my Mother-in-law's suggestion!) on my throat. 

But here's where the throat spray comes in. Of course, the same week that I am sick, Hubby and I are scheduled to lead worship at church. (May I mention, that last time I was scheduled I had to bail because of sickness too, obviously there is some evil at work that doesn't like my singing voice...or more than likely Who I like to sing about!) 

Singer Throat Spray with Oils

So today, I tried to pick keys for my songs quite pathetically as my voice slid all over the scale because well, my voice hasn't been working too well this week. I did a Google search and found an angel that posted a recipe for singer's throat spray. I decided it was worth a shot even though I was out of spray top lids for my glass jars. I did some rearranging and tried it out. 

I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't burn even though it had Protective Blend and Oregano in it. I was MORE amazed that as soon as I sprayed down the hatch I started hitting the notes. Whoa. Sign me up for this stuff! 

Singer's Throat Spray with Essential Oils

My throat tickle is not healed yet, but I have high hopes that practice tomorrow night won't be quite as miserable as I anticipated. But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself!

doTERRA Throat Spray

Singer's Throat Spray

By Angela Meyer at Healing Heart Oils

- 8 drops Protective Blend
- 4 drops Peppermint
- 1 drop Oregano
- 8 drops Lemon
- 2 drops Myrrh
- 1 drop Clove Bud
- 1 drop Sandalwood
- distilled water
- 15ml glass bottle with spray top

Fill the bottle 3/4ths of the way full of distilled water. Add the oils. Recap the lid, shake, and spray the back of your throat. Now SING! :)