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Essential Oils

Comparing Cleanses

Tabitha Helms

I've been bit by the cleanse bug again. I'm ready to restart my system and start hacking away at those newlywed pounds before we head off to Alaska for an anniversary cruise in a few months. I've had a few friends that do cleansing through Shakeology and Arbonne, and I wanted to compare them to doTERRA's products to see which is most beneficial.

There are so many products out there that have pros and cons, and all seem to have a great feature about them. So I think in the end, what it comes down to is: what are you looking for? I began asking myself those same questions: Why am I cleansing? What does my body need? What should I avoid? What features are best? Are there things that would overload my body, causing harm instead of benefit?

Let's start with WHAT DOES YOUR BODY NEED?
Did you know that there is such a thing as getting too many vitamins? I had no idea! Apparently there's a cool list of Dietary Reference Intakes of Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (aka, how much you need) written by the Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine. I found the Dietary Reference Intakes document here. 
Unless otherwise specified by your physician, females between 19-30 years old should not exceed: 
3,000 g Vitamin A,
2,000 mg Vitamin C,
100 g Vitamin D
1,000 mg Vitamin E
35 mg Niacin
100 mg Vitamin B6
1,000 g Folate
3.5 g Choline
20 mg Boron
2,500 mg Calcium
10,000 g Copper
10 mg Fluoride
1,100 g Iodine
45 mg Iron
350 mg Magnesium
11 mg Manganese
2,000 g Molybdenum
1 mg Nickel
4 g Phosphorus
50 g Protein

I recently attended doTERRA's Vitality Tour Conference and they made a great visual of the average amount of vitamins and minerals we receive from our diets and how typical vitamins and megavitamins add to that. Some are scattered results and some are waaaaaay too excessive. I love that the developers of doTERRA products took that specifically into consideration when making their vitamins. They work with the diet and bring your body to the right amounts. 

I'm going to compare products primarily of Arbonne and doTERRA because those are the two that I have known people to do full cleanses with. I will also include BeachBody's "Shakeology" as I have friends who do that as well. Beachbody does have other products, but I did not research them as I have not known anyone to use them specifically. 

Quality Comparisons:

Arbonne Promise
Arbonne claims to have naturally inspired, and scientifically proven products that they source from "the globe for the finest ingredients available." In my research I could not find information about where in the globe that is exactly. It also says they take care of the earth while they source, so I assume that means they only use sustainable products. I may be wrong, please let me know if this is so, but it also seemed from the Arbonne page that Arbonne scientists test their own products, not an outside third party. 

doTERRA Promise
doTERRA created a standard for themselves to stress the purity of their products. This standard is called a "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" (CPTG). For their oils to be sold with this label, they must be pure and natural with aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants, free from fillers or artificial ingredients, not diluted of active qualities, free of contaminants, pesticides, or chemical residue, tested for standards of chemical composition, cross tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography for purity and potency, and sourced from global network of leading chemists and and growers to ensure correct species, growth in ideal environments, and that raw plant materials were harvested at the right time. (Think of the difference between a winter strawberry from the grocery store and a summer one--timing matters for quality!)

**Note, could not find a mission statement or about the company page for BeachBody.

Drink Mix Comparisons:

Arbonne Fizz Sticks

Arbonne Fizz Sticks
Vitamin B, Riboflavin, Niacin, and Rhodiola to support energy-boosting metabolism
Green tea, guarana, ginseng with ginsenosides, and taurine for natural energy
Vegan and gluten free
Contains antioxidants
2 flavors: pomegranate and citrus
$1.60 for each, comes in pack of 20 
Contains 50 mg of caffeine
13 Calories, >1.8g Cane Sugar, 0 mg Cholesterol, 2 Carbohydrates, 259mg Sodium, 0 g protein, 0 g fiber

doTERRA Control Instant Mix

doTERRA Slim & Sassy Control Instant Mix
Made from thykaloids (an ingredient in spinach) that helps control hunger for up to 6 hours
Helps body digest food the way it was meant to originally (in the lower part of the small intestine) so that the satiary mechanism can message the brain that it's full at the correct time.
Functions as a prebiotic
"Green" - completely whole food ingredients: spinach, flax, grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, solathin (potato extract, curbs starch cravings), apple, guar gum, citric acid, stevia, silica
1 flavor for drink mix, but same benefits also available in bar form: apricot, apple, and lemon
Vegan, GMO and gluten free
$1.98 for each, comes in pack of 30 (bars $2.75 each, comes in box of 10)
30 calories, 1 g sugar, 0 mg cholesterol, 3 g carbohydrates, 15 mg sodium, 2 g protein, 3 g fiber

Shake Comparisons:


$129.95 for 24 = $5.41 for 1 shake
Builds and repairs muscle
Promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails
Controls hunger
Meal replacement
Whey protein (in Chocolate and Greenberry)
Brown rice, pea, and "other proteins" (in Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate)
Made from bioavailable superfoods 
Probiotic, prebiotic, and digestive enzymes
Adaptogens, phytonutrients, and antioxidants
23 vitamin and minerals added to balance required dietary amounts (Chocolate and Greenberry only)
Sweetened with non-GMO Fructose and Stevia
Chocolate, Greenberry, Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate flavor options
160 Calories, 2g Fat, <1mg Cholesterol, 17g Carbohydrates, 6g Fiber, 6g Sugar, 17g Protein, 150mg Sodium
If you want 12 g more fiber, you can add the Fiber Boost for $0.85 per scoop.

Arbonne Shake Comparison

Arbonne Protein Shake
$69 for 30 = $2.30 for 1 shake
Maintains muscle mass
Low glycemic index
No whey or soy protein - pea and rice protein only
Contains 20+ vitamins and minerals
Balances normal blood glucose levels
Gluten and dairy free
No saturated fat, trans fat, or cholesterol
No artificial colors, flavors, sugars
Supports energy
Vanilla and Chocolate flavor options
130 Calories, 3.5g Fat, 0 Cholesterol, 15g Carbohydrate, 2g Fiber, 9g Sugar, 20g Protein, 480mg Sodium

doTERRA Trim Shake Comparison

doTERRA Trim Shake
$39.50 for 40 shakes = $0.98 per shake
Whey and egg white protein
Gluten, GMO, and soy free
Natural sweetening only, no sugar
Controls cortisol release (a fat-storing hormone)
Supports blood sugar levels
Enhances energy levels, alleviating fatigue associated with diet and exercise
Double the serving or add more calories with fruits, veggies, and nuts to use as a meal replacement
Chocolate, Vanilla, and Vegan flavor options
70 Calories, 1.5g Fat, 0mg Cholesterol, 6.5 Carbohydrates, 2.5g Fiber, 0g Sugar, 8g Protein, 18mg Sodium

Cleanse Product Comparisons:

Arbonne cleanse

Arbonne 7-Day Body Cleanse and Digestion Plus
Two powder, add-to-liquid products: 7 Day Body Cleanse and Digestion Plus
7 Day Body Cleanse = Dietary Supplement
$50 for 7 = $7.15 per daily serving
To be taken once a month to support body cleansing and toxin elimination
Powder form to be added to 32 oz of water
Antioxidant blend to prevent oxidation of body
Stabilizes free radicals
Uses milk thistle to detox the liver
Contains 100mg of superfoods (carrot juice, elderberry, chokeberry, hibiscus, blackcurrant juice, blueberry juice, pumpkin, cherry, lemon, and apple)
Sweetened with stevia and agave

Digestion Plus = with Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Enzymes 
$50 for 30 = $1.66 per daily serving
Supports GI balance 
Helps digestion of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibers, and lactose
Minimizes gas and bloating
Supports nutrient absorption
Vegan and gluten free

doTERRA Cleanse/Renew: GX Assist and PB Assist +

doTERRA Cleanse/Renew 
GX Assist = Gastrointestinal cleaning formula - use for 10 days monthly
Wholesale cost is $26 for 60 GX capsules = $1.29 per day of G 
Essential oils and caprylic acid (naturally derived fatty acid from coconut oil)
Creates unfriendly environment for harmful pathogens
No GMOs and gluten free
Contains oregano, melaleuca, peppermint, lemon, lemongrass, and thyme
Take 3x a day for 10 days

PB Assist + = Probiotic defense formula - use for 5 days monthly after GX
Wholesale cost is $34.50 for 30 PB capsules = $2.30 per day of PB (based on 2x/day)
Contains pre-biotic formula and 6 strains of probiotic microorganisms
          - prebiotic and probiotic separated in inner/outer capsules for time release
Time release mechanism to protect cultures from stomach acid
Delievers 6 billion PFUs of active probiotic and soluble prebiotic FOS
Encourages culture growth and adhesion
Supports healthy digestion and immunities; prevents digestive infection
Supports optimal nutrient absorption from food
Supports healthy skin conditions
Take between 1-3 per day for 10 days

doTERRA Cleanse or Arbonne Cleanse?

So? What's the conclusion? 
It's back to the beginning: what are YOU looking for?

Both doTERRA and Arbonne have similar types of products for their cleanse programs. So I think you need to look at what the company's stand for and what purpose you have in taking the product.

I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, so I may have a little bias, though I tried to be objective in simply copying down what each company's information facts stated about their products. I support doTERRA wholeheartedly for many reasons.

For cleansing purposes specifically, I find that doTERRA offers great quality for a better price. I am not a "drink" person, so Arbonne's many powdered, add-to-liquid formulas wouldn't set well with me and my preferences.

I also found doTERRA's product information pages to be more thorough and explanatory. Arbonne was mostly bullet point lists and quite repetitive. They called them "talking points" on the papers, with the assumption that those were good things to tell someone you're trying to sell on the product. If you look at the doTERRA pages, you'll find a mini science/health lesson put in easy terms. For a non-science buff like myself, I felt like I had an easy chance to become educated about how the body works.

Finally, doTERRA's company information was much more thorough than Arbonne's. I felt there was a lot lacking and more I would like to know that I couldn't find out from their About Us pages which showcased a few, generic power statements. I tried searching for more info on Google, to no avail. 

As someone who cares deeply about education and responsible health choices, I will be sticking with doTERRA. Reagan and I started our cleanse today, and I can already tell my body was in need of this detox! If you would like more information about doTERRA's products, please contact me! If you have additional information that you think my post is missing, I would appreciate your input so I can adjust this post as needed. 

Happy cleansing!